She’s Here!

I apologize that it has taken me so long to post this! Life with two kids is wonderful, but a little crazy! :) We are getting more adjusted everyday and absolutely love our little princess! We are so blessed!

So without further to-do, meet Adaleigh Tzipora born September 20, 2013 at 7:40AM weighing 8 pounds 1/2 ounce and measuring 18 inches long:


I will share more soon! :)


Waiting Game

The process of buying a home is, well, a huge pain.

Here’s the short story: closing on the new house has been delayed again.

We found out yesterday around lunchtime and I’m not going to lie- I had a mini emotional breakdown. February 18th was the day we accepted the offer on our current home. That’s over two months ago. At that point the offer we had made on the new house had already been accepted contingent on us selling our current home. We had already went to the bank to start the loan process and such. When we accepted our offer we were told that we should be closing around March 10th. Our buyer ended up having a family emergency that called him away from the area, so we were delayed. We were completely understanding and rolled with it. When he finally got back, we were told he had decided to use 401(k) funds to purchase our house instead of going through a bank. This was supposed to dramatically speed the process up. Well, between a water test issue on the new house, a snowstorm in Minnesota delaying our buyers check, the bank taking longer to get the loan through underwriting and approval than we hoped, and what seems like fifty thousand and one other things, we are STILL waiting. It’s frustrating, to say the very least. I’m pregnant, living between two houses, and emotional to begin with- the added stress doesn’t help. Poor Corey has to live with my crazy! :)

Ultimately, I know it will all work out one way or the other. I know in the end it will all be worth it. Heck, maybe all this waiting will mean we have super nice weather finally when we move (it SNOWED yesterday! It’s almost May for goodness sake!). Yep, that’s me trying to look on the bright side! Yesterday that was NOT happening, hence me waiting for today to post! :) So I’m making progress… And hopefully our closings are too!

And just to give y’all a little ray of sunshine on this somewhat downer of a post- look at my cutie of a son:

Thomas HAD to be in the picture too! :)

Thomas HAD to be in the picture too! :)

How can I be upset? I’m so very blessed!