At the end of last week, I wrote a couple of posts about working on being content and doing what works for us, even if it doesn’t make the most sense to the rest of the world. Then we proceeded to spend a portion of the weekend working on the baby’s room and trying to make it perfect.

Okay, I know that sounds like it might be my “duh” moment that inspired this post, but actually it’s not. While it may not fit in with my being content and doing what works for us posts, the baby’s room is going to turn out pretty darn close to perfect. I’m insanely excited for it… You know, just to hype it up even more! :)

So what’s the “duh” moment? Well, I was making a list of how I wanted to organize the baby’s dresser and closet, and realized it would be handy to have a spot to have a few of her clothes downstairs, so if we have a blowout or spill or whatnot, there isn’t a need to run all the way upstairs. Really the only logical place for this is in our bathroom. And this is where the “duh” moment begins…

This little closet is in an awkward corner of our downstairs bathroom, so it was hard to get a picture. Ignore the green paint and old school curtains- we haven't touched the decor in the downstairs bathroom yet!

This little closet is in an awkward corner of our downstairs bathroom, so it was hard to get a picture. Ignore the green paint and old school curtains- we haven’t touched the decor in the downstairs bathroom yet!

I’ve been leaving this closet mostly empty because we plan on eventually tearing it out when we put in a door to our deck and remodel the awkward layout of the downstairs bathroom. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to not use it so I wouldn’t have to clean it out later or get used to having it and need to replace it when we do the remodel. I thought this even though there was a whole slew of junk, cleaning supplies, paint, and the like scattered all over my laundry room floor, creating a huge mess that annoyed me every time I stepped inside the darn room. Have you figured out the “duh” yet?! Why was I not using this space again?!

Praise The Lord, as I looked at my to-do list that says “clean/organize laundry room” and the list I had made to get an idea of how to organize the baby’s things, it suddenly hit me… Use the darn closet, duh!

I still have a ton of work to go, but I’m proud to say that the cleaning supplies that were previously shoved under my laundry room sink in a big, messy pile are now happily contained in the cupboard, along with some of our extra toiletries:



I also have the bottom part all ready to use…



I figured I will get a few baskets or something and have homes for diapers, extra onesies, extra sleepers, burp rags, and maybe even an extra set of clothes for each of the rest of our family members for when we don’t feel like going upstairs. I’m even entertaining the idea of using various colors of baskets so I can send Tate in to grab stuff and just have to say, “Grab something out of the blue basket” instead of trying to give other directions… Which is also why I’m putting the clothes/baby stuff area on the bottom of the closet. Good idea, huh?

So maybe this isn’t a huge revelation or very exciting, but I was and am still pretty pumped that I came up with a solution for a couple of problems I was having! :) Here’s hoping we can finish knocking out the baby’s room so I can get going on organizing both my new little closet area and my disaster area of a laundry room! :)


It Works for US.

Yesterday I posted about how I’m trying to be more content with what we can afford and the pace that our home remodel is going, along with just being more content overall. I also hinted at another thing I’ve been learning the past few months- doing what works for us, even though it might not be popular, traditional, or what makes the most sense to the rest of the world.

This can apply to decisions and things we’ve already made and done- like buying a King sized bed over a Queen because we let our three year old sleep with us every night, the way we finished the hardwood floors or paint stripes on walls not exactly by “tutorial”, or the order we choose to do projects, or it can apply to projects and such that are on track for the future. Sometimes we just have to do things our own way and in our own time because it’s better for us.

Right before I started writing yesterday’s post, I read this blog from Remodelaholic on organized mud rooms. I already knew I was going to post about being content, but when I started reading the mud room post, I instantly started thinking about what I wanted to do in our laundry/mud room. My mind started wandering to built ins, shiny new appliances, and all that jazz. Discouragement set in as I realized just how far the disaster area, mismatched appliance and fluorescent lighted laundry room is from my pretty, organized, magazine ready dreams.

Let's keep it real- this is what my laundry room looks like as of right this minute. Eek.

Let’s keep it real- this is what my laundry room looks like as of right this minute. Eek.

And then I closed out of that post, opened up WordPress to start writing my post, and almost smacked myself in the face. Doh! That’s exactly what I was writing about.

Yep, my laundry room is a disorganized mess right now. But it won’t be forever. It’s the time for my laundry room to not be exactly what I want because there are other more pressing projects. What’s working for us right now is having the laundry room the way it is. And that’s okay.

And another thing, when we do get to doing the laundry room I need to do what works for us, not what is expected or popular. I’ve been on this kick of having to have built in cubbies because that’s what all these bloggers are doing and what’s all over Pinterest. My problem though has been trying to figure out how I will have room for built in cubbies and a washer and dryer in my laundry room. I’ve been leaning towards a stackable washer and dryer to maximize our space, but I still couldn’t figure out entirely how to fit built ins, too. As I was looking at the post from Remodelaholic, I had an a-ha moment… Maybe cubbies aren’t what makes the most sense. If we decide to get stackable washer and dryer, that’s great, but it shouldn’t be just so I can have the ever-popular cubbies. It should be because that’s what we want and what works for us.

After reading the Remodelaholic post and brainstorming, I still think stackables are probably what we will go with, but instead of cubbies, maybe we will do something like this:

Still cute and cubby like, but in it's own way! :)

Still cute and cubby like, but in it’s own way! :)


But you know what, I have plenty of time to decide and can live in my disorganized, messy, not dream laundry room and be at least mostly content with it for the time being! :)

Our Forever Home: Top Ten Loves

To get anyone up to speed who missed yesterday’s post, we are a little slow on projects this week as we gear up for Corey’s work shut down at the start of July, so I decided to do some reminiscing and reflecting on the past almost two months that we’ve worked on making our new house our home.

Today I’m taking a look at the top ten things I’ve found that I love about our forever home. Some are things I loved on day one, others are things that have grown on me as we’ve lived here. Funny how that works, eh? They also are in no particular order- just the order my little brain thought of them! :)

But let’s get to it:

1) Having our laundry room on the main floor and having a clothes line!

This room is a hot mess right now, but I figured honesty was the best policy with y'all. We will get to it soon! :)

This room is a hot mess right now, but I figured honesty was the best policy with y’all. We will get to it soon! :)

In our first home, the laundry room was in our basement. Our unfinished, damp, dirty basement. While it was nice to have a laundry room and not have to go to the laundromat, it wasn’t ideal for getting laundry done while babysitting. Even adding a laundry shoot didn’t make it much easier for me to be motivated to get my rear in gear to head down to the dungeon to do a load or two.

I really underestimated how awesome it would be to have a laundry room on the main living floor. It’s so much easier to keep up on it! I also love having a clothes line- yay for saving money and getting some fresh air! Plus, it is really convenient to have a place to put the line dry clothes that’s not inside. I know when colder weather comes we will go back to clothes inside, but I am definitely enjoying the clothes line while I can! :)

Originally we had planned to move our laundry room upstairs in our closet area and make the current laundry room just a mud room. While that may happen down the line in the future, we are now leaning more towards putting stackables in our current laundry room and rearranging the space slightly so we can add some built ins and make it a little more storage conducive and practical. And that, folks, is why you live somewhere before you go in and make big changes! :)

2) Having a big backyard and being in the country!

Bonfires- one of my favorite things about country living! :)

Bonfires- one of my favorite things about country living! :)

It’s so nice to have tons of room for Tate and the boys to play, space to have bonfires with friends, and just enjoy the quiet fresh air! Even though we do have neighbors, they aren’t right there like they were in town. Plus, they are much friendlier! I’ve also noticed there is more pride of ownership in the country- so many of our neighbors in town just rented and weren’t really that invested in making their houses and community better. Really when it’s all boiled down, I’m just definitely a country girl!

3) We have SO much room!

We over doubled our square footage in this move, and I knew it would be big, but I had no idea how awesome it would be! I LOVE that we have space for a separate toy room instead of toys scattered around our living room. I LOVE that we currently even have a junk room, so that instead of all the boxes we haven’t gotten to yet getting thrown in the basement, or even worse all over the house, they have a home on the main floor, but behind closed doors for now. It’s just awesome to not be crowded with all of our junk and for things to actually have a place to go, even if we do have a ways to go before we are fully unpacked and settled in!

4) Our kitchen- including the little desk area.

Still not perfect, but WAY better than the ivy bordered, brass handled thing we moved into!

Still not perfect, but WAY better than the ivy bordered, brass handled thing we moved into!

And another view. Again, still a work in progress, but it's growing on me!

And another view. Again, still a work in progress, but it’s growing on me!

This was a big surprise for me. I loved my old kitchen immensely. It was my favorite room in the old house. It was much bigger than our current kitchen, with way more counter space and decor that I had picked out myself. While I still don’t love the cabinets or flooring or outdated light, I do love the kitchen. Having less counter space has worked out to be not that bad… Maybe a little inconvenient at times, but it also motivates me to stay caught up on dishes! :) It is also very obvious the cabinets were custom made for this kitchen. At our old house, the cabinets were ones my grandpa got for cheap by tearing them out of their original house. While they were beautiful cabinets custom made from solid wood for that house, they were just that- made for another house. It’s been wonderful to have cabinets perfectly made for our house- with a pantry, pull out drawers in the cupboards, and all those little details that just make sense where they were put.

I also have grown to love the little desk area. At first I looked at it as wasted potential counter space. Who needs a desk when you could have more work space? And while I do think I would prefer a counter-height desk area over the lower desk area we have so I would at least have the option of more work space for entertaining and such, I’ve found it’s nice to have an area for mail and paperwork and recipes and all that stuff that piles up on counters typically, too. Between the desk area and the command center I created (that has been at the almost finished stage since like the second week we lived here-oops!), I’ve managed to keep my counters clear of junk and have even managed to have a more organized file system in the process. Who knew!? :)

5) Having closets- especially our HUGE one upstairs!

This kind of goes with number three and more space, but since we came from a house with no closets but the one we built shortly before we moved by taking space from our bathroom, it’s kind of a big deal. We went from a “master closet” that was just some shelving units we installed on one wall of our bedroom to a true “master closet” with plenty of room for Corey and my clothes hoarding problem! :) Woot woot!

6) Having a furnace and central air!

Especially the central air. I don’t think I could survive being pregnant in 90 plus degree weather in our old house with just the window AC unit. I’m hot all the time and I even have the luxury of setting the temperature ridiculously low here. It is awesome. Plain and simple.

7) Character

This is something we loved about this house the second we laid eyes on it, and we’ve been incredibly blessed to find even more under pink, blue, and tan carpet. It started with the beautiful old wood trim and doors and the creaky stairs, and now we have the hardwood floors too. Plus, there is nothing cookie cutter about this house and that was really important to us. Love, love, love.

8) Our screened in porch and swing.

The pretty porch swing on a gorgeous spring day!

The pretty porch swing on a gorgeous spring day!

I knew we would enjoy this, but again, I underestimated how much. It’s so relaxing to sit together as a family and enjoy the nice breeze. My only wish would be that we were a little further off from the road, but usually traffic isn’t too bad anyway.

9) There is so much potential!

Of course, we wouldn’t have bought the place without it, but everyday I’m amazed at how much we’ve been able to do and then the huge amount of things still left on our to-do lists! I’m so very excited to see just what our forever home becomes! :)

10) That it’s something to be proud of.

I love our home!

I love our home!

Don’t get me wrong, we were proud of our first little house, but it was one that more picked us than us picking it. Plus, I think it’s pretty sweet that at twenty-five and twenty-three we have a house that we refer to as our forever home. I’m not saying that to brag- the Lord knows none of this would be possible without His HUGE blessings! I thank God everyday for this immense responsibility and pray that we will be good stewards of it. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking pride in our home as long as we remember that it truly isn’t ours, but a blessing God gave us for a time.

So there you have it- my top ten loves after calling this place home for not quite two months. It’s already been a ton of fun and I might sound like a broken record, but I know both Corey and I feel blessed beyond belief. Don’t worry though- tomorrow I get to be a negative Nancy and post my top ten hates! :) Stay tuned!

And P.S. I was too lazy to link up my various posts of projects I mentioned on here… Yep, I’m a bad blogger. Feel free to explore my blog though and see the adventures we’ve had so far and maybe later I will come back and add proper links! :)