Worst Blogger Ever

Seriously, y’all, it’s official. I’m a terrible blogger. Granted it’s not like I have a huge following and I do it more for me than others, but I think that’s part of the reason why I get so disappointed in myself when I fail to post. I enjoy writing. I want to do it more and better. For some reason, I’m awful at making it a priority. I let life get in the way.

But for starters, I need to get this off my chest. Part of why I avoid blogging sometimes is because once I enter blogland, it’s so easy to get caught up in the I need that trap. The what I have isn’t good enough trap. The more more more even if I don’t have the money and I’m happy the way it is trap. It’s not good. Period. I need to get a handle of that in myself, especially because of our financial situation currently. And if not blogging for a bit is the way to do it, that’s what’s gonna happen. Yes, it’s disappointing. Yes, I’m trying to do better. I need to be content. So I’m working on that.

And while I’m giving y’all my excuses, I do have a few pretty legit ones besides my green monster syndrome…

Like this little princess’s first surgery:

To the right, our before picture, and on the left my baby girl ready for surgery and then sleeping in my arms afterwards.

To the right, our before picture, and on the left my baby girl ready for surgery and then sleeping in my arms afterwards.

She was such a trooper and I’m so proud of her. Another surgery is in her future, and that is most definitely scary, but I’m so thankful we did make it past the first hurdle. God is good.

And can we just settle on Miss Adaleigh possibly being the cutest eight month old alive? This is from the night before her surgery:



We also had a weekend where Corey was in Florida and I had to man the kids alone. Corey’s grandpa passed away and he went to the funeral. It was definitely a challenge being apart in some ways, but easier than I expected in others. I found it easy to check of my to-do list knowing that a) no one else was there to do it so the quicker I just did it the better and b) if I got it all done before he got back we could have quality family time! Anyway, I’m so glad he’s back now!

What else?

We celebrated an absolutely beautiful Mother’s Day:

I love these two so!

I love these two so!

And this weekend we have Mr. Tatum’s dance recital:

My boy in his "Bob the Builder" tap dance costume.

My boy in his “Bob the Builder” tap dance costume.

I’m so excited for it! He woke up sick today, but seems to be improving, so hopefully that continues! :)

Oh! And we have actually done a tiny bit of home work… The front door is painted:

Maybe not the best picture, but I love it!

Maybe not the best picture, but I love it!

We also put in a different door knob, which may not be super noticeable, but I love it. I really wanted something more fitting to the home’s original character and we found the perfect fit on an old beat up door left in our garage from the previous owners. Here’s a side by side before and after, although I didn’t have the exact same angle on the two photos:

Before and After

Before and After

The color is the bottom one of the paint samples of the before photo, called Half Moon Bay. I’m pretty sure it’s a Dutch Boy paint color, but we got it in Pittsburgh Grand Distinction paint. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and am hoping to get more done in our screened in porch area, too.

And in case you’re wondering, I am planning on a one year post… Or, on this case, a one year one month post. We shall see if that happens! :)


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