Oops! :)

First off, some of y’all may have gotten an email of an update on this blog that was accidentally posted here instead of at the Our Forever Home Life blog that I created to share the more emotional, messy side of life… So I apologize for that! I’m trying to focus mainly on the home decor/renovation side of things here now while adding just a sprinkle of everyday life. I’m letting my writer side get the best of me on the other site! :)

Secondly, the mistake was probably a good thing because it made me realize once again I’ve failed to update things in a timely manner here. Blah. One of these days I will get on top of it all! Our dining room is fully painted though, in spite of the craziness that’s been going on in our lives that you may have peeked at in that accidental post! :) Of course, I haven’t taken updated photos yet, so that’s going on my to-do list (along with straightening up the dining room for said pictures!) and I will do my best to make it a priority! :) Otherwise, part of the lack of updates has been because not much has been going on really. We’ve been snowed in a ton, which considering the state of our finances is probably a good thing! :) (and I just realized I really need to chill with the smiley faces… Sorry!)

And thirdly, I also want to take a second to ask for prayers and happy thoughts for my baby girl. Adaleigh had repeat UTI’s in December/January, so she had a renal ultrasound that revealed kidney abnormalities. We meet with a pediatric eurologist in a week to see what exactly that means and what our options are. Of course, we are hoping for if not good, at the very least reassuring news!

Thank you all! :) And I truly will try to update soon!

And I will leave you with this photo of my beautiful princess!

And I will leave you with this photo of my beautiful princess!


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