Snowed In!


This is what it looks like outside of my house right now. It’s beautiful, but freezing! We are under a level three snow advisory, which means we aren’t allowed to be on the roads since we aren’t emergency vehicles. The windchill is well below zero, but we are nice and warm inside. I’m really enjoying time with my little family!

AND we are getting some things done too! :) Hubby decided to start painting our dining room, and the first coat is done now. Here is a sneak peek- I’m so excited to share it all once it’s done!:


I love it so far!

Our other projects have been much smaller, like Mr. Tatum taking our last Christmas tree down:


And I caught up on laundry, but I won’t share all that loveliness with y’all! :)

We will see what happens tomorrow as far as if we will still be snowed in. For now, we are enjoying it while we can!

What about you? Are you snowed in? Enjoying it? :)


Happy New Year! :)

I hope you are all having a great first day of 2014! I know I am loving the relaxing day with my babies and hubs AND playing in the snow that’s falling like crazy here! :)


So fun!

I’m hoping we will get to some new and exciting home stuff SOON, but in the meantime, I wanted to point out that to start the new year I also started a new blog to talk more about the life side of things going on in our forever home. There’s a link to it up on top, or you can click here! A big part of it will be my New Year’s resolutions and how I do with those! Do y’all have any resolutions you’d like to share?