Oh, Christmas

Holy cow, guys. Christmas is over. When in the world did that happen!? I had all these plans of showing y’all pictures of my decorated house and all. Oops. To be honest, apart from our trees and the stockings I hung up two days before Christmas, I didn’t decorate our house much. Life just is busy and since I knew we weren’t having any Christmases here this year! I was less motivated to decorate. Plus having a baby and almost four year old makes things a little hectic too. Yep, excuses.

But anyway…

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas.

My little family. LOVE.

My little family. LOVE.

Don’t we clean up nice? I have a whole bunch of pictures I absolutely adore from our pre-Christmas photo shoot. I’ll share a few more at the end of this post.

Let me just say though that we, or in particular our cute little three month old, did not look so hot for Christmas. In fact, we spent Christmas evening in the ER after Adaleigh’s fever spiked to 104! Thankfully they were able to figure out what was wrong fairly quickly. After some antibiotics, I’m happy to report little miss is more or less back to her normal wonderful self! :) And it was still a good Christmas in spite of having a sick baby. As Tate gets older it’s so fun to see his reaction to all the Christmas fun!

And with that I’m going to leave you with some cute little pictures and the promise that come the new year I will share some more posts and projects! :)




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