The New Normal

First off, I have been an awful blogger. I can’t believe it’s been more or less two months since I’ve written. It’s crossed my mind many times to log on and write a bit, but inevitably I get busy and forget about it. So even if you haven’t missed me, I’ve missed writing! :)

Of course, if I’m entirely honest, part of why I haven’t written is because I feel like I haven’t had much to write about. Sure, life is crazy and plenty is going on, but none of that has really been on the home project front. And, to be even more honest, I had little to no interest in doing any house related projects. I’ve been in pure adjusting to our new normal mode.

So what exactly does our new normal look like?

Well, in terms of pictures, this little sweetie obviously plays a pretty darn big part:


Can I just say we are insanely blessed? Adaleigh is a wonderful baby, has an adorable personality, and is beautiful yet to boot! She has fit into our little family perfectly.

Which speaking of, her big brother absolutely adores her. He is a huge helper and so good with his sister! He has been amazing with all of it. There have been a few moments that he hungers for a bit more attention, but he’s so understanding when we tell him to wait a bit, and we’ve tried really hard to still set aside special time for just him, too. Funny enough, every time we’ve left Addie with grandma and grandpa so Tate gets us to himself, he talks about how much he misses his sissy and wants her back! :) Like I said, we are so blessed!


Of course, life hasn’t been ALL rainbows and butterflies! Sleep deprivation is not fun, although Adaleigh has started sleeping through the night most nights. I definitely went through a baby blues period where my loving husband kept me from going crazy and dealt with my crying for no reason and over-emotionalness. And there’s been a couple of bigger things too…

1) Adaleigh’s heart. Before anyone gets too worried, she is okay. When she was born her pediatrician detected that she has a heart murmur. I’ve had a heart murmur my whole life, so we weren’t hugely worried. We were told that our pediatrician would check it again at one month and if it was still noticeable we would be referred to a pediatric cardiologist. Well, at her one month appointment the heart murmur was still audible so we went to the pediatric cardiologist. After an EKG and listening to her heart, he believes she has a small muscular ventricle septal defect- in simple words, a small hole in her heart. I’ll be honest, it was scary hearing this. Really scary. However, we’ve been told countless times now that this is actually fairly common in newborns and that it often will close on its own. We have been praying that will be the case with Addie. Our follow up appointment is next week, so we should get more answers then as they are also doing an echocardiogram.

2) Corey was laid off from his job last week. If you’re a regular to reading my blog, you know this has been something that was a possibility for some time. So, while it, for lack of a better word, sucks, we at least were not entirely blindsided. We will have to make adjustments, but I’m certain we will get through it. Prayers and happy thoughts would be appreciated though! :)

Still, despite the not so good, life is good. We are plugging away and loving our babies! And I’m finally starting to feel the itch to get back to the home projects! Y’all will have to stay tuned to see what I decide to take on, and how creative I can get with less money at my disposal! I’m actually looking forward to it in a weird way! :)