Baby Bee’s Bedroom Budget Breakdown

Try saying that three times fast! :)

So this post is gonna be short, sweet, and to the point. If you want more details or links to specific items, see the reveal post– it has all the gory details! :)

But here’s the cold, hard numbers (rounded to the nearest dollar because I didn’t feel like messing with change!):

Paint– $50. This was for two full gallons and a quart. We already had the ceiling paint and the paint for the trim and dresser.

Furniture– $184. Broken down further, it was $80 for the crib, a total of $80 for the chair, and $24 for the new knobs to put on my free dresser!

Art/decor– $177. The mobile and heart art were made from free items or things I already had on hand. The poster was a total of $30 including the frame. The A was $25. The curtains were $17, the crib skirt $20, and the sheets $10 for a two pack. The high dollar item was her rug at $75.

All of that brings the total to $411.00, which I don’t think is too shabby! :)

And just ’cause I can, I’m gonna end this post with the pretty pictures of her room again… So sorry if you’re sick of them! :)



So pretty!

So pretty!

Did I mention I LOVE this room? :)

Did I mention I LOVE this room? :)


Dressing up the Dresser

When we began work on baby bee’s room, I knew exactly what I wanted the end product to look like, including the dresser I wanted. Her room isn’t very large, so I knew there wasn’t room for a big dresser, but I wanted something small that could hold onesies and diapers and act as a changing table for when she was tiny.

Do you know how hard it is to find a small dresser?!

Well, let me tell you! We searched. Granted, we didn’t want to spend very much money, especially if the dresser required refinishing, so that made it a bit more difficult. But even just finding something the right dimensions was hard. I got to the point that I was even looking at the cheap flimsy stuff from Walmart and Target. And every tutorial I saw in blog land about this amazing Craigslist find or great dresser found on the curb just made me annoyed…

Until I found my own! :)

In a last ditch effort, I made a Facebook status asking my friends to keep an eye out for a small dresser that was preferably white or could be refinished to white and not too expensive. Can I just say my friends are awesome? So many of them tried really hard to find what we needed! How cool is that!? And one of them ended up being perfect:

Yes, I did say perfect...

Yes, I did say perfect…

Our church’s youth pastor text me the day after I posted that status asking me if it was true that we needed a small dresser. His mom had seen my status and mentioned something to him. Of course, I said yes. He told me that they had one we could have, if we were interested!

Woot! Woot! :)

The next day we went to the church and out he pulled our little blue baby! It wasn’t pretty but it was the perfect size, made of solid wood, and in decent shape. I knew it could be just what we needed with a little TLC!

And that’s exactly what I did! I by no means am an expert at furniture refinishing. Like with little miss’s chair, this was my first experience with redoing a dresser. Also like her chair, the end result isn’t perfect, but I love it!

First, I sanded. Luckily we still had Corey’s dad’s hand sander from the floor refinishing project. It still took three passes to make it even remotely ready to be painted. That blue layer was thick, and under the blue was white, followed by green. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures- I was too much in go mode! After each pass I wiped it down with cheesecloth. Originally I left the handles that came with it on, since I wasn’t strong enough to take them off on my own (like I said- that blue was thick!) and I was working on it while Corey was at work. When Corey got home though I had him pry those suckers off and I sanded some more!

Next, I started painting. I could have used our paint sprayer, but decided against it. I have no good reason really, except I haven’t used the sprayer yet and didn’t feel like trying it for the first time on my dresser! Instead I just used one of my good paintbrushes and the white paint we had used on the trim in her room since we had it on hand. I did the drawers first and then the dresser itself. If I remember correctly, it took six coats. It was a lot of painting. If you look closely, you can see some brush strokes, as well as where the original handles were, but it’s not noticeable unless you’re really inspecting the thing, so I let it be. I also didn’t bother with polyeurathane or polyacrylic. Quite frankly, I was sick of painting and since it was a semi-gloss paint, I figured it would be glossy enough. Plus, the dresser is small enough that if I decide it needs freshened up later I can go for the poly then.

We let it dry for two full days before moving it inside… I was mega paranoid about it being sticky or getting dinged up. Plus, the new knobs I bought hadn’t come in yet, so there was no need to rush! :)

Once the knobs came in though and the dresser was in place, Corey hopped right to getting those babies on! And ooo, mama- they are perfect! They took a little searching to find- I started looking at Menards, but they were $5 a piece! I wasn’t about to fork over $40 on knobs for a free dresser, so I held off. I checked Walmart just to see, and surprisingly they had some, but they weren’t quite what I wanted, so I waited again. Then I went to trusty, good ol’ Amazon and found the perfect match– cheap and pretty!

To finish the dresser project off then only required the mirror, which was another free project! We had the mirror itself from remodeling at our old house, and Corey used the trim we had replaced in the baby’s room to build the frame. The pink was the paint we had already used for her room too! Corey just framed it out, we hung it up (using the heavy duty command strips on the mirror and nailing the frame over it), and there you have it! The finished product:

The dresser from one angle...

The dresser from one angle…

And from the other!

And from the other!

All dressed up and ready to go! :)

Everything is Prettier in Pink!

Some of you may remember the post from forever ago when I shared the original picture of the chair for baby bee’s room:

I got this baby for $15 from a friend on Facebook! Not pretty, but let's see what magic I can work! :)

I got this baby for $15 from a friend on Facebook! Not pretty, but let’s see what magic I can work! :)

I had scoured the Internet and various stores for a chair for her room, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $200+, especially when I couldn’t find anything quite like I wanted. Finally I decided to be brave and try my hand at reupholstering, especially when I saw my friend post that chair on Facebook. What did I have to lose!?

I bought the chair. I bought the fabric. I was ready, right?

Let me disclose something quick- I had never reupholstered anything in my life. I had watched Mom do basic kitchen chair cushions, but that was the extent of my experience. Still, how hard could it be!?


I read just about every possible “how to reupholster tutorial” on the web. At first, I was determined to do it perfectly. And then I realized if I waited until I was prepared to do it perfectly I would never even start. So I dug in.

I shared these pictures from my first day working on it:

When I first started taking the chair apart. It was definitely a little scary! And let me tell you there was definitely no shortage of staples where this chair was concerned!

When I first started taking the chair apart. It was definitely a little scary! And let me tell you there was definitely no shortage of staples where this chair was concerned!

The back showing the tufting. And yes, I had to figure that out too!

The back showing the tufting. And yes, I had to figure that out too!

I'm pretty proud of it, if I do say so myself!

I’m pretty proud of it, if I do say so myself!

My partially finished project! :)

My partially finished project! :)

I started out following all of the guidelines I had read, but it didn’t take long for those to slowly be rejected one by one. It was so much easier to just do. Hence why this is in no way a tutorial. I have no knowledge of how to reupholster. I literally chose to wing it. My only advice?- Just do it!

After finishing the top part I waited a long time to get it out again. It was a little intimidating. I was pretty sure the part I had finished was the easy part… What was I going to do with the bottom?

Well, once again I decided to just take the leap. I spent literally a whole day on the bottom portion of her chair. It was a ton of work. My belly was in the way 90% of the time. My fingers ached. My back was sore. But by golly, by the end of the night I was finished and so incredibly proud because I did it!

The only picture I took that day was this one:



My house was a complete disaster area, there were staples, thread, and fabric all over my living room, and I might have used hot glue on the chair more than once and many other unconventional reupholstering procedures (let’s just shove this material there!), but none of that mattered… Or matters now! It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for my little girl’s room and I love it!

Here’s a picture of it in her room, just as a refresher:



I’m actually looking forward to a few restless nights curled up in the cozy thing! :)

And if nothing else, it looks way prettier in pink than that ugly green! :)

Garage Sale- Check!

Yes, I am fully aware I’ve been slacking on this whole blogging thing. I know I promised posts about baby bee’s room that are still floating in my head instead of blog land. And I get that I should post those posts before skipping to the next thing…

But since I blog for me more than the general public, I’m gonna do what I want! ;)

Plus, part of why I’ve been slacking on the whole posting side of things is because Corey and I were pulling off one of our to-do items that had been pushed to the bottom of the list all summer- the garage sale.

Nothing makes you realize how much crap you have like moving. And holy palooza do Corey and I have a lot of crap. It’s quite sad, actually. Anyway though, I finally realized we were kind of at the now or never point, so we spent most of last week straightening up our big garage, going through junk, pricing said junk, and selling it. It was a ton decent amount of work, but we pulled off a pretty good garage sale if I do say so myself!

The best part was it was a pretty thrown together, let’s wing it type of garage sale. Last year I had a plan for our garage sale- it was perfectly organized and mapped out to the point it was probably a little ridiculous. This year I was just about getting it done. I was still pricing when we opened. The baby clothes we had out I had in boxes by size the whole time. Definitely not ideal, but here’s the funny part- we made just as much money this year as last year!

We were less organized, in what I thought would be a worse location, with signs that you could barely see, and open significantly fewer hours, but made the same! Who knew!? I was pretty excited! :)

Maybe these little cuties helped:

My little helpers! :)

My little helpers! :)

Really though, I think it’s safe to say there is some value in just winging things! :)

Now I just have to get rid of all the stuff that didn’t sell! I’m not about to let it enter my house again! :)

But while I might be working on doing that, I will also pull together the remaining posts I promised for the baby’s room! Promise!And we’ve gotten a few more to-do’s done, so I will share those soon too! Yay productivity!

Daughter of the King

This week has been a little crazy for our family, but not entirely in a bad way… Just different!

The biggest change has been in Corey’s work schedule. Not that long ago I posted about how there were rumors of layoffs at the factory Corey works at and how we were a bit nervous how it would impact him and our family as a whole. Well, the layoff did happen, but thankfully for our family Corey had enough seniority to not be a part of that group. However, the company also chose to get rid of four crew, the shift Corey was on that gave him weekends in the middle of the week and have to work every other weekend. As a result, he was moved to second shift. This was our first week dealing with the change, and so far I think it’s safe to say it definitely has its pros and cons. I love that he is home to sleep every night, and knowing that we will have every weekend together instead of every other. The not so great part is him being gone in the evening, and therefore missing out on family stuff, like the big brother class I took Tate to at our hospital Monday to help prepare him for baby bee’s arrival. It’s also been an adjustment for us to have him working a normal forty hour week- it’s made this week drag a little! Ultimately though, we are just incredibly thankful that he is still employed and we aren’t wondering how we are going to pay for little miss’s arrival on top of bills and all!

Anyway though, as I was debating on which part of the nursery to talk about on her first, I realized just how perfectly the phrase on her poster fit our, or particularly my, lives/life right now. I am the daughter of a King who is not moved by the world for my God is with me & goes before me I do not fear because I am His.

Such a good, powerful reminder!

Such a good, powerful reminder!

God will always provide, no matter what. No need to fear. If I could remember that and do a bit better at trusting, I would save myself so much worry and heartache! :)

But on to the deets on this lovely little poster…

Forever ago I pinned this sign, loving the phrase and thinking of how powerful it would be as a little girl to have this reminder daily. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted for baby bee’s room, though, so I searched Etsy to see what else there was to choose from. There are quite a few vendors who offer signs with this phrase, and many have options to customize it, too. My biggest problem was finding one I wanted to fork the money over for. And then I remembered my dear friend Ashley does this for a living! I sent her an email asking if she would be interested, explaining what I was thinking. And I got back the beautiful file you’ve seen printed and framed! :) All I did was upload it to Office Max’s website to be printed, purchase a frame for it, pick up the print at our local Office Max a few days later, and put it together! Easy, peasy!

(P.S., Ash, if you’re reading this you are the best and I’ve been meaning to send you some moola not just for your awesome work, but towards your trip, too!)

Yes, I said trip… Ashley will be leaving for Africa next weekend, where she will be serving on Mercy Ships. I’m so incredibly proud of her, albeit also a little jealous and bummed I won’t get to see her for a few months and that she won’t be home for the birth of little miss. Still, I know it will be an awesome experience for her and I will be praying for her daily. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if any of you would add her to your prayers either! And, in all reality, this fits right in with my little girl’s poster- Ashley, too, is a daughter of the King who will be right there by her side during this adventure! :) Love you, Ashley!

Also (and I haven’t checked with her so take it for what it’s worth) if any of you are interested in your own poster or need a graphic designer for anything (did I mention she also made my wedding invitations!?), feel free to shoot me a comment or email and I would love to hook you up with Ashley to see if she would be interested in helping you out when she gets back! :)

So I guess this post isn’t much of a tutorial, but more of a mini how-to wrapped in a reminder that God is there! Always, no matter what. It is so good to be a daughter of the King! :) Happy weekend, all! :)

P.S. I realize not all of my readers may share my Christian faith. It is a huge part of my life though, and I am proud to showcase it along with the DIY work that is a big part of my life, too. If you would ever like to discuss faith and whatnot with me, feel free to shoot me an email! And if you find my faith related posts offensive, please know that is not my intention. I love you regardless of belief differences we may have, and appreciate you reading my blog! :)

DIY Distractions

Apparently Corey and I have “ooo, shiny!” syndrome when it comes to DIY.

I realize I have a whole slew of posts to do about baby bee’s room… And I promise I will churn them out soon! But today Corey and I tackled a completely unexpected project and so I had to share!

Some of you may remember me mentioning the only things left on the “To-Do Before Baby Gets Here” List are cleaning/organizing the extra bedroom, dining room, and laundry room and hopefully have a garage sale. Well, today Corey and I decided to get started on tackling the extra bedroom…

And it somehow turned into us ripping out carpet again!

Here’s the way it went down:

Corey: Let’s just get all of the stuff out of the extra bedroom and into the dining room first, and then we can put the bed and stuff that belongs in there back and move on to the dining room.
Me: Okay, sounds good.
Emptying out the extra bedroom begins… And we actually get it done quickly. It looks like we may be able to cross off the extra bedroom sooner than I thought!
Me: This carpet is really nasty.
Corey: Yeah it is!
Since I’m already on the floor, I decide to peel back a corner. I stare at it a few minutes. Corey comes to see what caught my attention and pulls it back further. Yep, it’s hardwood. We look at each other in disbelief. What do we do now?!
Corey: Let’s just pull it up.
Me: You do remember what happened last time we did this?
Corey: Oh, no, I’m not refinishing any floors or anything.
Me: I was talking more about the whole change of plans and fifty thousand projects that sprouted.
We mull it over. And decide to go for it.

I know… Bad, bad, boring storytelling. Sorry.

But really we just tore the carpet out. That’s it. We still need to clean the floors good and organize the room a bit, but I promise we aren’t getting distracted with any other DIY projects in there. Not even painting. That room is not a priority. Plus, I’m gonna have a baby in a few weeks… Bad idea to start new projects!

I do wish I would have taken a before we took the junk out photo because this room was a hot mess. Part of why we had forgotten how nasty the carpet was was because you couldn’t actually see the carpet. But since I was just planning on more or less organizing the junk, I didn’t think about it. All you get is are these after most of the junk was out pictures so you can see the gross carpet:

Mmm, look at those stains. Disgusting.

Mmm, look at those stains. Disgusting.

Isn't that color beautiful?

Isn’t that color beautiful?

And then we have an in progress photo for you:

Yes, we were thinking once again, "why in the world would you cover this up!?"

Yes, we were thinking once again, “why in the world would you cover this up!?”

And I guess this is still in progress, but it’s what the room looks like right this minute. I’m hoping to do some work on it tonight and then have Corey and I finish it up tomorrow… Which okay, even when it’s “finished” for now it’ll be in progress! :) Anyway- the room’s current state:

I would say an improvement!

I would say an improvement!

And there you have it- today’s little DIY distraction! :) It’ll be back to nursery land next post!


At the end of last week, I wrote a couple of posts about working on being content and doing what works for us, even if it doesn’t make the most sense to the rest of the world. Then we proceeded to spend a portion of the weekend working on the baby’s room and trying to make it perfect.

Okay, I know that sounds like it might be my “duh” moment that inspired this post, but actually it’s not. While it may not fit in with my being content and doing what works for us posts, the baby’s room is going to turn out pretty darn close to perfect. I’m insanely excited for it… You know, just to hype it up even more! :)

So what’s the “duh” moment? Well, I was making a list of how I wanted to organize the baby’s dresser and closet, and realized it would be handy to have a spot to have a few of her clothes downstairs, so if we have a blowout or spill or whatnot, there isn’t a need to run all the way upstairs. Really the only logical place for this is in our bathroom. And this is where the “duh” moment begins…

This little closet is in an awkward corner of our downstairs bathroom, so it was hard to get a picture. Ignore the green paint and old school curtains- we haven't touched the decor in the downstairs bathroom yet!

This little closet is in an awkward corner of our downstairs bathroom, so it was hard to get a picture. Ignore the green paint and old school curtains- we haven’t touched the decor in the downstairs bathroom yet!

I’ve been leaving this closet mostly empty because we plan on eventually tearing it out when we put in a door to our deck and remodel the awkward layout of the downstairs bathroom. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to not use it so I wouldn’t have to clean it out later or get used to having it and need to replace it when we do the remodel. I thought this even though there was a whole slew of junk, cleaning supplies, paint, and the like scattered all over my laundry room floor, creating a huge mess that annoyed me every time I stepped inside the darn room. Have you figured out the “duh” yet?! Why was I not using this space again?!

Praise The Lord, as I looked at my to-do list that says “clean/organize laundry room” and the list I had made to get an idea of how to organize the baby’s things, it suddenly hit me… Use the darn closet, duh!

I still have a ton of work to go, but I’m proud to say that the cleaning supplies that were previously shoved under my laundry room sink in a big, messy pile are now happily contained in the cupboard, along with some of our extra toiletries:



I also have the bottom part all ready to use…



I figured I will get a few baskets or something and have homes for diapers, extra onesies, extra sleepers, burp rags, and maybe even an extra set of clothes for each of the rest of our family members for when we don’t feel like going upstairs. I’m even entertaining the idea of using various colors of baskets so I can send Tate in to grab stuff and just have to say, “Grab something out of the blue basket” instead of trying to give other directions… Which is also why I’m putting the clothes/baby stuff area on the bottom of the closet. Good idea, huh?

So maybe this isn’t a huge revelation or very exciting, but I was and am still pretty pumped that I came up with a solution for a couple of problems I was having! :) Here’s hoping we can finish knocking out the baby’s room so I can get going on organizing both my new little closet area and my disaster area of a laundry room! :)

Swelling with Excitement

That’s probably a really bad blog title, but it’s actually quite applicable. There’s all sorts of swelling going on in our household- my belly, my feet, and the excitement of how close we are to finishing the baby’s room, and even more about how close she is to coming! :)

We were busy this weekend, both with doing stuff around the house and having lots of fun… And I personally think those are always the best weekends! We dubbed this “Corey and Tate’s Redneck Weekend” in terms of fun, since they slept (part) of the night in a tent in our backyard on Friday, went to Monster Jam on Saturday, and just were generally a little more hillbilly than normal this weekend! :) They both had a complete blast though:

Ready to camp out in the backyard! :) Excuse the bad quality- my iPhone's flash is a little janky!

Ready to camp out in the backyard! :) Excuse the bad quality- my iPhone’s flash is a little janky!

Tate's favorite monster truck!

Tate’s favorite monster truck!

My favorite picture that Corey sent me of Monster Jam- it just seems to be the epitome of what I think of when I think redneck :)

My favorite picture that Corey sent me of Monster Jam- it just seems to be the epitome of what I think of when I think redneck :)

Anyway though- enough with the fun! :) Oh! But we did get to hit up the 127/World’s Longest Garage Sale this weekend since it runs right through our town. My high school is actually on 127, so it’s pretty much home! We had a few good finds, but managed to keep our spending in check, too! :)

But back to the work- we did a LOT on the baby’s room, and I will probably be doing the reveal this week! :) We are mostly just wrapping up decor items… Although we do have a few more coats of paint to do on this beauty:

Our FREE dresser for the baby's room! :) Yep, free!!!

Our FREE dresser for the baby’s room! :) Yep, free!!!

I’m not sure if I’ve shared about our mad hunt for a dresser on here or not, but we’ve been searching high and low practically all summer and coming up empty. We would find one that was crazy expensive, or not the right size, or already sold, but couldn’t find what we needed. I had posted on many Facebook buy/sell/trade groups in our area and scoured Craigslist to no avail. Finally I posted on my personal Facebook site, and two days later our youth pastor text me and told me they had a small, ugly old dresser at church that they were going to toss if I didn’t want it! Well, let me tell you I snatched that baby up quick as can be- it is literally perfect for what we needed! I’ve been sanding and painting all weekend getting rid of that thick layer of blue paint… And I think it’ll be just one or two more coats and it’ll be ready for its big reveal! :) Such a huge blessing!So y’all have some pretty sweet reveals to look forward to! :) Fair warning though, it’s VBS week at church and this pregnant lady comes home exhausted so no promises on the timeliness. The goal is to reveal the baby’s room by the end of the week, though, so here’s hoping! :)

It Works for US.

Yesterday I posted about how I’m trying to be more content with what we can afford and the pace that our home remodel is going, along with just being more content overall. I also hinted at another thing I’ve been learning the past few months- doing what works for us, even though it might not be popular, traditional, or what makes the most sense to the rest of the world.

This can apply to decisions and things we’ve already made and done- like buying a King sized bed over a Queen because we let our three year old sleep with us every night, the way we finished the hardwood floors or paint stripes on walls not exactly by “tutorial”, or the order we choose to do projects, or it can apply to projects and such that are on track for the future. Sometimes we just have to do things our own way and in our own time because it’s better for us.

Right before I started writing yesterday’s post, I read this blog from Remodelaholic on organized mud rooms. I already knew I was going to post about being content, but when I started reading the mud room post, I instantly started thinking about what I wanted to do in our laundry/mud room. My mind started wandering to built ins, shiny new appliances, and all that jazz. Discouragement set in as I realized just how far the disaster area, mismatched appliance and fluorescent lighted laundry room is from my pretty, organized, magazine ready dreams.

Let's keep it real- this is what my laundry room looks like as of right this minute. Eek.

Let’s keep it real- this is what my laundry room looks like as of right this minute. Eek.

And then I closed out of that post, opened up WordPress to start writing my post, and almost smacked myself in the face. Doh! That’s exactly what I was writing about.

Yep, my laundry room is a disorganized mess right now. But it won’t be forever. It’s the time for my laundry room to not be exactly what I want because there are other more pressing projects. What’s working for us right now is having the laundry room the way it is. And that’s okay.

And another thing, when we do get to doing the laundry room I need to do what works for us, not what is expected or popular. I’ve been on this kick of having to have built in cubbies because that’s what all these bloggers are doing and what’s all over Pinterest. My problem though has been trying to figure out how I will have room for built in cubbies and a washer and dryer in my laundry room. I’ve been leaning towards a stackable washer and dryer to maximize our space, but I still couldn’t figure out entirely how to fit built ins, too. As I was looking at the post from Remodelaholic, I had an a-ha moment… Maybe cubbies aren’t what makes the most sense. If we decide to get stackable washer and dryer, that’s great, but it shouldn’t be just so I can have the ever-popular cubbies. It should be because that’s what we want and what works for us.

After reading the Remodelaholic post and brainstorming, I still think stackables are probably what we will go with, but instead of cubbies, maybe we will do something like this:

Still cute and cubby like, but in it's own way! :)

Still cute and cubby like, but in it’s own way! :)


But you know what, I have plenty of time to decide and can live in my disorganized, messy, not dream laundry room and be at least mostly content with it for the time being! :)