Moving on Up!

Corey doesn’t know it yet, but I may have made a semi-big decorating decision. By semi-big I really just mean it’s kind of a shift in our original timeline of plans for this house, but I think it makes sense. Our upstairs is really close to being done. And that got me to thinking… Why not just finish up the upstairs?

It’s really just a baby thought right now, so time will tell how it develops, but it’s kind of growing on me. I mean, our downstairs might still be a crazy blast from the nineties, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one whole floor the way we want it to be? It sounds wonderful to me.

It really wouldn’t change that much in terms of our timeline… The biggest adjustment would be redoing the upstairs bath before the downstairs. And, in all honesty, that’s the one part that makes me less committed to this idea because I hate our downstairs bathroom, while the upstairs is just eh. However, I think the upstairs bath could be done pretty cheaply, while the downstairs will be a bit more of a money sucker, so it might be more cost effective. Decisions, decisions.

I guess I will have to let Corey help me decide! :) In the meantime, I’ll share a wee little bit of the inspiration I have for the remaining upstairs rooms (done or almost done {my father-in-law is notorious for finishing jobs 80-90%… I’m afraid my husband might be more like 70%- sigh!} are Tate’s room, our room, and the baby’s room, leaving the landing, hallways, and bathroom/closet area):

The Landing

My vision for this is a travel/memories based room. We can display some of our high school and college days memorabilia without it being in our main living area. I want to collect a few globes and maps, too and highlight my travel to Europe during college as well as the trips we have taken together as a family. I also think it would be really cool to have a gallery wall going up the stairs filled with childhood memories maybe on one side and pictures of our past homes and other house related stuff on the other side. Here are a few “pins” I’ve pinned from Pinterest regarding this room:

This picture started out my initial inspiration for the landing- I LOVE this room!

This picture started out my initial inspiration for the landing- I LOVE this room!


I think these are an awesome idea! During my semester in Northern Ireland I also toured five other countries and haven't scrapbooked one bit yet! I would love to use boxes like these for my pictures and the odds and ends I collected!

I think these are an awesome idea! During my semester in Northern Ireland I also toured five other countries and haven’t scrapbooked one bit yet! I would love to use boxes like these for my pictures and the odds and ends I collected!


I have other ideas saved on Pinterest, but these at least give you an idea of what I’m thinking. Really all we need to do is paint- I’m thinking a yellowy tan color maybe? And get decor. And find a love seat and maybe another accent chair? It wouldn’t take much! :)

The Hallways

This might be a bit complicated to explain, but I will try! :) So currently our upstairs hallways have I believe four different types and three different colors of trim. This drives me crazy. To fix it, our plan is to first make it all the same type, and then mostly the same color. There is one section of the hallway that is set apart from the rest that we will leave the original woodwork color, but the rest will be painted a fresh white. All of the hallway walls will be painted the same color- probably white or some other bright, cheery, but neutral color. Then the set apart portion of hallway will be decorated- I’m thinking pictures of the kids galore maybe? Otherwise the hallways will be more or less blank slates! And the only other update they would need is new lighting! I don’t really have inspiration pictures for this part since it isn’t really anything too special, but hopefully you can get an idea of what I’m thinking! :)

The Bathroom/Closet Area

The big kahuna of the upstairs! Our original plan when we bought this place was to save the bathroom area remodel for down the road, in large part because we wanted to move the laundry room from downstairs to the empty closet room that is a part of the bathroom area:

The empty room we thought to make the laundry room originally.

The empty room we thought to make the laundry room originally.

Well, it turns out I actually really like my laundry room where it’s at. Never fear, I have a whole new set of plans for this area… A girl area! I want to paint the extra desk we have and turn it into a vanity, kinda like in this picture:

Only my desk is bigger and I have a completely different color scheme in mind! :)

Only my desk is bigger and I have a completely different color scheme in mind! :)

No source.

This will also be where I store my jewelry and high heels and all other girly items! :) I also want to put some Bible verses on the walls as a reminder of where true beauty comes from- like Proverbs 31:25 and 1 Peter 3:3. I’m leaning towards a black and white color scheme in here with mint and light pink accents. :)

Which ties into the bathroom and main closet area too. I want the whole area to be tiled with the black and white squares- I’ve always loved that look. The bathroom we will probably beadboard and paint the top portion a mint green color. I also LOVE this whale wallpaper so it might come into play somewhere (in sample size, because holy cow that price is insane!):

It's so cute!

It’s so cute!


Maybe just put some in a picture frame or something? We shall see.

We will either have to paint/stain the current vanity or get something else in there… More than likely the paint/stain option though. And the shower up there is kind of in bad shape. I don’t think it was installed right in the first place so it gets moldy very easily and doesn’t have very good water pressure either. It’s extra small, too, which can’t be changed, but might be a pain when it comes to replacing it. I don’t have my heart set on one surround or tile or whatnot, but I am leaning more towards a tile just because I think it’s nicer. I saw this tile recently on Pinterest and think it’s pretty sweet, although I’m not sure how it would work with the black and white, so it probably won’t happen:

Beautiful, but I don't think very practical.

Beautiful, but I don’t think very practical.

No source.

Those would be the main projects in the bathroom/closet area. Obviously decor and whatnot, too and maybe updating the shelving system in the closet, but what we have works, so that might be a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” type thing.

And then our upstairs would be completely finished! How awesome would that be!?

Regardless of rather or not we decide to make finishing the upstairs a priority, nothing but finishing the baby’s room and organizing the extra bedroom/dining room disaster are happening in the house before little miss comes, so we have time to decide. It’s so fun to brainstorm and dream though! :)

Oh! And this weekend I finished reupholstering the baby’s chair! :) It is AWESOME. My Facebook friends have seen the sneak peek I gave of the finished product in a moment of “this is so beautiful and I’m so proud of it I have to share now!” but I think I’m going to wait to share it here until I reveal the baby’s room. It’s a little more motivation to get ‘er done! :)


The Finish Line

Yep, I can see it!


I don’t know if any of y’all are distance runners, but I ran cross country and track in high school, and I remember all too well the feeling of exhiliration when you’d get to that last little bit of the race when your body ached and you were exhausted but you could finally see the finish line! Somehow, somewhere, you’d find the strength to “kick it in,” as my coach would say and it felt oh so good! :)

Okay, okay, so what’s all that have to do with our forever home, or anything at all really?

Well, so glad you asked! :) I can finally see the finish line when it comes to some of the projects we’ve had on our to-do list since moving in and I’m starting to get that crazy excited feeling!

I’m the most pumped about the baby’s room. We are finally at the stage where I can see it coming together. The main painting is completely done except for a few minor touch ups that will need done once we finish the trim. We do still have to paint the ceiling, but that should be pretty quick and painless! :) Corey finished replacing the “bad” parts of the trim today… I’m not sure if I ever explained the trim situation in the baby’s room, but the previous owners had used a completely different type of trim around the door frame than the rest of the room and it drove me crazy! There was also a portion that didn’t have quarter round on the bottom of the baseboards, though the rest of the room did. However, thanks to my husband finally fixing the trim after his wifey poo went in and pulled the mismatched part off herself being amazing and realizing baby girl will be here in two months so we better get a move on it, it now all matches and there is quarter round in place where it should be! It’s just waiting for a fresh coat of white paint (the trim in her room is currently purple… It’s not pretty!)! And since we all know my obsession with lists, here is what the remaining items on the baby’s room to-do list are:

-paint trim and doors white
-touch up small spots on walls
-paint the ceiling
-find a dresser!!!
-update lighting
-finish chair
-decorate! :)

The chair will be done this weekend. I might do the light too- I have a fun little project for that which I can’t wait to share! We shall see about the painting… I hate painting! :) And I’ve been on a crazy mission to find a dresser for her room, but so far have had zero luck. This is partly because I’m cheap and partly because there are no dressers on craigslist, at the thrift stores, or anywhere else I’ve looked that match the measurements we need. Talk about frustrating! Maybe I will get lucky this weekend {fingers crossed!}! But see- the finish line is in sight! Which means the big nursery reveal is also in sight! YAY! :)

We also started cleaning out garages this week! My garage (aka the small garage) is officially cleaned out! Organized? Well… We will get there. Cleaned out is enough for now! :)

My Jeep EASILY fits now instead of being packed in!

My Jeep EASILY fits now instead of being packed in!

Corey’s garage (aka the big garage) will be the more complicated task, but I have faith in us. Plus, the weather has been cooler which makes me much more motivated to go outside. And my parents plan to have a garage sale next weekend, so that’s a tiny bit of motivation, too, so we can get rid of some of our junk and hopefully make some moola! :) I still want to have our own garage sale, too, and summer is ticking away so the motivation keeps on coming!

After that, the only other project that has a mandatory “before the baby is here” due date is cleaning up our dining room/extra bedroom. This is one of those projects that isn’t hard, just time consuming and very not fun. Hence why we keep putting it off!

And there you have it- my view of the finish line! Unfortunately it isn’t completely a true finish line, because we have a ton of other projects that will still be on the to-do list, just not the “before the baby is here” one! I guess I can look at it as this race is almost over, and then it’ll be on to the next one! :)

Hearts and Circles

It might be a record in our household- I finished not one, but two projects last night! Woot woot! :) And of course I shall share them with y’all:

Yesterday I shared the little art project we did with Tate over the weekend on an old canvas and mentioned we had started one for little sister, too. Last night before Corey headed to work we took a little family time to finish her little present from her brother.

I already have a wooden “A” that I’m putting up in the baby’s room (oh, look, a clue to her name!), so I thought it would be better to do something different for her canvas. The first thing that popped in my mind was a heart and so that’s what we went with! Let me tell you, though, a heart is much more difficult than a “T”. Looking back, I probably could have just cut out a heart and taped it down or something, but I was trying to be creative and decided to make a “striped heart”:

Taped off before paint.

Taped off before paint.

So obviously it wasn’t a perfect heart shape to begin with, but Tate approved and who said anything has to be perfect? Plus, it would have taken me forever to make it perfect. Instead, I eyeballed the stripes at the bottom and eyeballed the angles and then made a little template for the top curvy part:

The template for the top of the heart.

The template for the top of the heart.

Then it was time to paint! We used some leftover paint from the nursery and let Tate go to town:

Trying to cheese while painting! Such a silly boy! :)

Trying to cheese while painting! Such a silly boy! :)

Once he was finished we removed the tape:



You can tell which side of the heart Tate sort of attacked… And that’s okay! I think it’s adorable and a great present for us to put in his little sister’s room! He’s so proud of it too- he’s going to be such a great big brother! :)

I also gave you a sneak peek of the other project I finished today when I shared this picture:

Some of the supplies!

Some of the supplies!

I used paint chip circles, part of an embroidery hoop, some white thread, and my hot glue gun to make a mobile for the baby’s room. Originally I found this link on Pinterest and was inspired to try to make my own with a few modifications.

First I raided the paint chip aisle at Wal-Mart. That’s where we had bought the paint for little miss’s room, so I just got chips of the colors we used in her room along with some white. I really didn’t take that many, so don’t make me feel guilty (mom!). Then I used a one inch circle punch to cut out the colors I needed. This was trickier than anticipated at first, since it was hard to avoid all of the words and numbers on the chip, but once I got a system down it didn’t take long and I ended up with the little piles I shared above.

Next I had a seven inch embroidery hoop lying around from a project I had intended to do at our old house and never got around to that I pulled out and had Corey spray paint just the inner circle white. It worked out perfectly! Then, once it was dry, I cut seven twenty-four inch pieces of white thread and spaced them out around the embroidery hoop. I tied them approximately every three inches, though I didn’t measure exactly.

Now we are to the fun part. In the inspiration tutorial, she sewed the paint chips to her thread and then tied the thread to the embroidery hoop. Problem- I do not sew! Hence why my handy dandy hot glue gun became the star of the show! :) I honestly wasn’t sure how it would work out, but I think it worked out great and would definitely recommend it to my fellow non-sewers! :)

So about every two inches on each string I placed one paint chip underneath the thread, put a dot or so of hot glue, and then placed another paint chip on top. Here’s some pictures that might help this make more sense:

Every two inches I placed a paint chip.

Every two inches I placed a paint chip.

Placing a paint chip under the thread. From here I would put a glue dot on the thread and then put another chip on top.

Placing a paint chip under the thread. From here I would put a glue dot on the thread and then put another chip on top.

When that was all done I went through and pulled away any hot glue strings and cut the extra thread off of the bottom of each one. Now we just have to finish painting little miss’s ceiling so we can bring her crib in and install her brand new mobile! :)

Love it! :)

Love it! :)

Ooo! And last night I also ordered the awesome sign I had a graphic designer friend create… But I will share more details on that when it is printed and I can share all of the details! :)

Yep, look at me- getting stuff done!

Busy Weekends and Baby Projects

What does minions, an auction, a few garage sales, a wedding, multiple trips to various stores, and pink and red paint have in common? Well, they’re just a few elements of the crazy busy weekend our little family had.

Really it was very good as far as weekends go. Just busy. Good busy!

Friday we took Tate to go see Despicable Me 2 since he had rocked it out at swim lessons the past two weeks. It was really cute and he loved it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on his face as he sat on the edge of his seat- he was completely enthralled! Moments like that make this mama’s heart happy! :)

On Saturday we woke up bright and early to head to an auction that caught Corey’s eye and stopped at a couple of garage sales on the way. Our big find was an old retro toaster for a quarter. Why is this cool? Good question. My son has a new obsession with Brave Little Toaster and LOVES playing with appliances. He found an old alarm clock of Corey’s earlier in the week and drug it around everywhere, so the toaster was a pretty big deal. It’s the little things in life!

Tate and Toaster! :)

Tate and Toaster! :)

Unfortunately the auction part didn’t go so well. We didn’t really think through the whole it’s hot, I’m pregnant, Tate’s three, and auctions last awhile thing. Luckily I married an awesome man who took his whiney, sweaty family home and then went back by himself. He didn’t end up getting anything, but such is auction life!

After the auction we had my cousin’s wedding. It was beautiful! They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and then a small reception where my son had a blast jamming out! I really wish I would have gotten some pictures- or better yet video- of his rad dance moves to torture him with someday! :)

When we left the wedding festivities, Tate headed off with my parents and Corey and I got a night to ourselves, which was really nice though about 90% of the time we were talking about Tate and how much we missed him! It had been quite awhile though since Corey and I had just us time, so it was good to chill out without interruptions and sleep in our bed without little feet in our ribs!

Sunday after church we intended to have a work/lazy day at home, but then ended up running to Defiance to pick up a few things for some projects we’ve been wanting to do or need to wrap up. Can I just say that a “quick trip” to the store never happens? Blah. We still got back home at a decent time though and after some relaxing and napping got some stuff accomplished.

Yep, you did read that right- we got stuff accomplished! Corey worked on finishing up painting in the baby’s room, so now all that’s left is fixing and painting the trim and doors in there and some small touch ups once the trim is fixed and painted. Oh and the ceiling- that needs painted. We are getting close to the final stages though! :) While he did that I cleaned up the house (it was a wee bit messy and I had laundry and dishes to catch up on!) and then started a little project for the baby’s room. Here’s a sneak peek:

Some of the supplies!

Some of the supplies!

I’m almost done with it, so stay tuned there!

Tate got a little jealous of all our projects for the baby’s room and that he didn’t have jobs to do towards the end of the day, so we decided it would be a good time to pull out a couple of old canvases and give our little man some attention- and something to be proud of.

We worked on two projects- one for his room and one for him to make for the baby’s. His was by far the easiest… I just used some painter’s tape to make a “T” and then let him go to town with some red paint. And it is all done except for being hung on his wall:



The finished project! :)

The finished project! :)

It’s not perfect, but that was half the point and he loved making it! Baby sister’s still needs some work though… So I will share that another day! :)

And that was our weekend! Busy, fun, not super productive, but we still got stuff done- I’d say that makes a good one! :)

Reality Check

I started writing this last night, and finished it early this morning… I wasn’t sure if I was going to share or not, but finally decided to go for it. My situation might be unique, but I can’t be the only mama feeling a little bit crazy when big changes are on the horizon! And if there’s any second time moms (or even first time moms or mommies with lots of kids-I’m not picky!) who have any advice, words of wisdom, or just want to be a little overwhelmed with me, feel free to comment or email me or whatever! :)

Today I don’t have any projects or house updates for y’all. I’m taking a day break from house stuff because I really needed an outlet to just write, and what better place than here? I promise, I’ll get back to house updates and DIY fun after this.

Last night I was cuddled in bed with little mister Tatum while Corey was at work and it all suddenly hit me… I’m going to be a mother of two in just a matter of weeks. Okay, so obviously I knew this. It’s not like it came flying out of left field and bopped me on the head. But yet it kinda did.

See, in some ways, I feel like little baby bee is like my first child instead of my second. Tatum was entirely unplanned. Having a child was the last thing on my mind. Then we found out I was pregnant and we made it work. We didn’t have a fancy nursery or very many fun, brand new baby stuff. We arranged two upstairs bedrooms in my parent’s house to be a bed and living area for us and went to a lot of garage sales and got a lot of hand-me-downs. Like I said, we made it work!

Our bedroom/Tate's nursery

Our bedroom/Tate’s nursery

His crib :)

His crib :)

My whole pregnancy I was incredibly sick and it was a crazy, crazy whirlwind. There was so much unknown and unstable, but we forged ahead. My mom was a huge lifesaver- she was with me literally every step of the way, even when I know it was extremely difficult for her. I truly can never thank her enough.

And that’s another thing- when our little blue-eyed bundle of joy entered the world January 14, 2010, he was the very best baby imaginable. So chill, so happy, so perfect. I know every mom says that, but I’m serious. He slept through the night starting at six weeks old. The biggest problem we faced was him absolutely refusing to latch when I tried to nurse, but once we switched to formula he ate like a champ and was the epitome of health. And the whole time I knew that, if I ever did get overwhelmed or not know what to do or need help in the middle of the night, my mom was literally right down the hall. She had and still has an incredible bond with Tatum that I don’t think any future children of mine will have just because of the circumstances. She’s like the best version of mommy and grandma all rolled into one! :)

Tatum's very first picture! :)

Tatum’s very first picture! :)

Ready to go home from the hospital! :)

Ready to go home from the hospital! :)

Our first family photo!

Our first family photo!

Anyway though, as I laid in bed last night it hit me just how different this little one’s life will be from Tatum’s… And how different things will be for me! We didn’t have the crazy surprise of holy crap we are going to be parents… We knew it was time to have another little one and that Tate was at the perfect age to be a big brother. We no longer are packed into a couple of small rooms in my parent’s house… We have a full on grown up house. My mom is no longer just down the hall… We live about five miles apart (which is still close, but not down the hall!). I won’t necessarily have someone home with me every night… When Corey works it will all be on me. We are no longer on any form of public assistance… Corey has a full-time grown up job now and we have big time bills to pay, and can afford to do so. We can even afford a nursery and brand new things for our little girl! :) In all honesty, it’s kind of like I’m a real grown up now when before I was just pretending. It’s a whole new world. And it’s a little scary.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly excited for little miss to get here. I’m not concerned about loving her just as much as I love Tatum, or being able to take care of her, or being able to afford her, or even about how crazy life will be with two kids compared to one. Or really anything along those lines. It’s more that it’s a huge change, and for some reason that didn’t really hit me until last night. Maybe it was Corey going back to work and it being just Tate and I. Maybe it was the fact that baby bee’s nursery is coming along, and that makes her upcoming arrival all the more real. Maybe it’s just that I’m a crazy pregnant lady! :)

I know Corey and I will be great parents. I know Tatum will be a great big brother. I know we will love our little baby bee immensely. I know we can do it!

I just might freak out a little in the process! :)

Progress Report

Well, July shut-down is officially over. As I type Corey is snuggled in bed as he’s back to work tonight. It’s definitely not going to be fun to adjust to normal life again, though I do think it’ll be nice to have more structure! Interestingly enough, I really enjoyed having Corey home and he didn’t even get on my nerves that much! :)

But since shut-down has come to a close, it’s time for the true fess up- where we are at with Thee Monster Shut-Down To-Do List. I’ve already more than hinted that we decided to skip a few of the items listed and that our productivity wasn’t exactly at top notch. Corey was awesomely productive the first few days of shut-down, but then we had vacation and well, we just never got back in full let’s get stuff done mode. I will shut-up though and let y’all see for yourselves!:

Thee Monster Shut-Down To-Do List
*Note: Items are in no particular order. Fun items are also included. Expect all fun to be completed. Do not expect all work to be completed. I am telling myself this as much as all of you! :)

-Build and paint master bedroom nightstands.
I measured the dimensions for this and then this product fizzled. However, my dad has access to a CNC (I think that’s what it’s called) machine at work and is going to cut the circular table tops for us. Once we get him the wood, all that’ll really be left is painting them!

Build and stain master bedroom bench.
Here’s a shot of the finished product, but you don’t get to see it in the room yet! :)

So proud of the hubby! :) Isn't it lovely?

So proud of the hubby! :) Isn’t it lovely?

Oh, and by the way, the plans we used can be found here.

-Paint the trim in our room and Tate’s room and fix and paint the trim in the baby’s room.
Like the nightstands, this fizzled after I took the measurements. It’ll have to get done soon though because we only have about 10 weeks till little miss arrives!

-Install crown molding in our room.
I’m sensing a trend… We measured for it, and that’s it!

-Replace faceplates throughout the upstairs.
This not happening was 100% on purpose. Corey not working means little to no paycheck, so I decided even though this is a fairly cheap project, it could wait. We will probably continue to wait until all (or at least most) of the painting up here is done so I don’t have to worry about ruining brand new faceplates!

-Finish reupholstering the chair for the baby.
I take full responsibility for this one and it just flat out didn’t happen. But again, we are on the 10 week crunch, and I’m confident I will get there! :)

Patch the holes in the baby’s bedroom walls and finish removing the border.

-Paint the walls in the baby’s room.
We can call this one partially done. I shared a picture earlier of the very beginning stages earlier, but I’m going to keep any updates photo wise to myself until the big reveal! :) Here’s the original pic I shared though, when it looked a little scary (it looks pretty darn awesome now and is definitely going to be one sweet nursery!):

Trust me, it does get better! :)

Trust me, it does get better! :)

-Put the baby’s room together and decorate.
Obviously this can’t happen until the above is done!

Put the baby’s car seat and stroller together.

Clean up the vibrating baby chair we have from when Tate was a baby and put it together.

-Clean out downstairs front bedroom.
We KINDA made process here. We did get more of our junk out of the way, but it’s mostly just now in the dining room instead of the bedroom. It’s a work in progress! :)

-Set up the guest/nap/craft room in the downstairs front bedroom.
Another item we can’t get to really until the item above it is done!

Put the pool up.
We even have used it! Woot woot! :)

-Weed the landscaping and trim the bushes.
Well, the bushes are sorta trimmed…

-Clean out both garages.
Funny. Not even a chance. Partly because it decided to be hotter than the desert during the days we had planned on doing this. Mostly because we are lazy. My garage sale though IS going to happen in the next few weeks or so, so this MUST be done! …once it’s not a thousand degrees out! :)

-Start to prepare for our garage sale.
Does the piles of stuff I have to sell so far count?

Go on vacation.
And it was AWESOME. You can read about it here.

Go swimming.
A lot! On vacation, in our little pool out back, at the public pool… One of the few good things about obnoxiously hot weather is good swimming days!

And what kind of good, bragging mama would I be if I didn’t share a link to the video of my brave little three year old “jumping” off the diving board after swim lessons? (Hopefully it works… I’m so bad at technology!):

Have a bonfire.
For Corey’s birthday we had a small bonfire. It was a good time, even if I did stay up ridiculously too late for a pregnant lady.

Go to the zoo.
Checked this item off last Friday! It was a ton of fun and we loved getting to see Tate’s reactions to the animals and all since the last time we really did the zoo he was too young to fully appreciate it or communicate his feelings to us!

Sleep in at least a few days.
Heaven. What else can I say!?

Relax and make memories with our boy!

Overall, really not too shabby. I’m proud of us, even if we could have amped up the productivity a wee bit. It was a full, fun, yet relaxing two weeks! :)

Of course, just because shut-down is over doesn’t mean the list goes away! Stay tuned for more updates on finishing up the nursery, getting ready for our garage sale, and lots of the other items that remain! Ain’t no rest for the homeowner! :)

Slackity Slack

Obviously I’ve been slacking on blog posting. One would hope that means we’ve been busy at work on our forever home, but unfortunately that’s not the case. We’ve been in slacker mode at our place.

Coming home from vacation is hard. There’s all that real life stuff you gotta do and then you throw in laundry catch up, grocery shopping, and all that jazz and it just sucks. Oh, yeah, and entering your third trimester of pregnancy. Hello being tired 98% of the time again, heartburn nonstop, finding out I’m anemic again, and just generally feeling blah. Fun stuff.

But okay, enough negative talk. We’re blessed to go on vacation, blessed to have a house to need to sort into order, and blessed to have the opportunity to welcome a new little life in approximately ten weeks!

Yep, ten weeks. The countdown is on and finishing little miss’s room is more or less the #1 priority. We do have the borders down and the first couple coats of her pretty pink paint up in her room, thanks to hubs- he even worked some on his birthday! :) So here’s the skinny on what’s left:

-Finish painting the main pink color.

This is important… After the first coat the room looked like this:


A little scary. (And hubby tried out a paint sprayer I picked up at a garage sale for $1.50, so that’s why the top isn’t done and parts might look a little funny! Experimentation! :) Trust me- it looks better now!)

-Paint the accent wall with it’s fun stripes! :)

-Paint the trim and doors white.

-Finish reupholstering the recliner for her room.

-Put all the furniture in place.

-Find a dresser ASAP.


And I also need to go through her clothes and stuff and get that all organized. Eek!

Corey goes back to his normal work schedule on Wednesday, so shut down definitely wasn’t as productive as planned, but that’s okay. Corey’s been working some for my grandpa roofing, and working hard on his golf game too some, and it’s all good! WE WILL GET THIS STUFF DONE! :)

Plus, we’ve had a lot if fun… See:

Swim lessons! :)

Swim lessons! :)

Chuck E Cheese (or as Tate says Cookie Cheese!) fun!

Chuck E Cheese (or as Tate says Cookie Cheese!) fun!

A visit to the zoo!

A visit to the zoo!

And celebrating Daddy's birthday! :)

And celebrating Daddy’s birthday! :)

BUT it’s time to seriously buckle down, right?! Right! Go, go, go! :)

Back to Work!

Yep, we’re back! :) It’s always funny to me how wonderful home feels after being gone for a few days, yet how amazing vacation is, too. And let me tell you, our little getaway to Louisville, Kentucky was absolutely perfect for our little family! Here’s a wee little overview for y’all:

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know that Tate did awesome on the four and a half hour drive. We were impressed we only had one food stop, one gas stop, and two extra potty stops considering we had a three year old and a pregnant lady! :)

My happy little man! :)

My happy little man! :)

Wednesday late afternoon we checked into our hotel- Drury Inn and Suites. They are the best hotel chain ever, and trust me I’m not being paid to say that! :) Anytime we have a chance we stay at a Drury and I’ve never been disappointed. They have so many extras- like the super cool 5:30 kickback that saves us tons of money by providing our dinner every evening! Definitely check them out!

Anyway though, after check in, a quick swim for our wonderful little boy who had been looking forward to that part all day, and a fast dinner, we headed downtown for a Louisville Bats game. It was a little rainy and muggy, but a ton of fun! We had really great seats, Tate got a baseball hat, and the Bats won with a pretty sweet walk-off. Good times!

Snapshots from the game!

Snapshots from the game!

They had a neat fireworks show afterwards, too.

Then we had an adventurous journey back to the hotel- my phone (aka our GPS) was almost dead, we kept getting rerouted because roads were blocked off, and it was jam packed anyway!- and finally climbed into bed for the next day’s adventures! :)

Thursday was RAINY. Really the whole trip was, but Thursday was the worst. Luckily we had planned mostly indoor things, so it worked out okay. Our first stop after a rather slow start to the morning was the Louisville Slugger Museum. I found it very interesting and so did Corey, but Tate was a little too young to really get into it. He did think it was cool to get a mini-bat and to climb the mega glove, but otherwise he wasn’t super interested. I would think school age kids would love this though, especially if they’re in to baseball. Like I said, I thought it was pretty sweet!

Moments from the Louisville Slugger Museum! :)

Moments from the Louisville Slugger Museum! :)

Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and were off to the Mega Caverns. I’ve been to tons of caves and caverns, but this was unlike anything I’ve ever seen! It’s a man-made cavern and has a history of being a former potential nuclear fall out tour- pretty fascinating! It was impossible to get decent pictures with my phone here, but I still managed to get one of Mr. Cutie Pants:

He thought he was big stuff wearing Daddy's sweatshirt!

He thought he was big stuff wearing Daddy’s sweatshirt!

We had originally planned to wander more of Louisville and play tourist more, but the rain put a damper on that. We decided instead to just go back to the hotel and chill, which was actually really great. It was so nice to just relax! We watched TV, went swimming, and after dinner went down the road to get ice cream at Coldstone. We also saw about a bajillion fireworks being set off, which Tate loved.

Swimming though was his absolute favorite! He’s such a little fishy! :) Friday morning before checkout we swam a bit more and leaving was the hardest part for little man!

Best buds! :)

Best buds! :)

After a few tears, we were ready for the last adventure before home- Churchill Downs! Our whole family really enjoyed this, and I actually think it was Tate’s favorite apart from swimming. They had a lot of displays that were more kid-friendly in the museum and he enjoyed seeing the horse Mine That Bird who won the Derby in 2009 too.

Churchill Downs fun! :)

Churchill Downs fun! :)

We quickly drove through Old Louisville then after leaving Churchill Downs. We thought about getting out and exploring, but it was starting to rain again and we were all just kind of tired and ready to go. In fact, Tate was fast asleep before we even left Kentucky!

Overall it was an awesome trip! I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to go! :)

Now though it’s back to work, and let me tell you, that’s been a struggle! I’ve been extra tired and sore the past couple of days and Corey hasn’t been particularly motivated either, so this weekend was kind of a waste. And somehow this week filled up fast so I’m not sure if it’ll be as productive as I originally hoped. Tate has swim lessons, Corey is going to help my grandpa with a roofing job, we’re hoping to go to the zoo and have some other fun before Corey’s back to his real world job, and that’s just the beginning! Busy, busy, busy!

So, while Thee Monster Shut-Down To-Do List hasn’t been completely thrown out the window, our main goals are to get the baby’s room finished and clean out the garages. Hopefully it’ll happen! :)Ready, set, go! :)

Tate’s Big Boy Room Reveal

Yay! I kept my promise! :) It’s time for Tate’s big boy room reveal!

Originally, I had planned to wait until the room was 100% complete to reveal the finished product. But then I realized a couple of things:

1) I’m a big fan of “good enough.”
2) Tate’s room is probably 98% done (ish)… also known as good enough!

I’ll stop blabbing though now and explain what’s left to do AFTER you see the pictures! Here you go:


Tate's doorway before painting.

Tate’s doorway before painting.

The view from Tate's doorway before.

The view from Tate’s doorway before.


The view from the hallway. I never took a before shot from this angle- oops! To have this FULLY at "after" I need to add some sort of art or mirror above the dresser, but I haven't found the perfect item yet! :)

The view from the hallway. I never took a before shot from this angle- oops! To have this FULLY at “after” I need to add some sort of art or mirror above the dresser, but I haven’t found the perfect item yet! :)

The "after" view from the doorway! It's come a long ways! :)

The “after” view from the doorway! It’s come a long ways! :)

Tate's reading nook... Taken from the corner that the dresser is in. I don't have before shots from this angle either. And this is another area that won't be fully completed until I find some wall decor for above his little chair and maybe a few more trinkets for his bookshelf.

Tate’s reading nook… Taken from the corner that the dresser is in. I don’t have before shots from this angle either. And this is another area that won’t be fully completed until I find some wall decor for above his little chair and maybe a few more trinkets for his bookshelf.

The stripe wall! We have Mario and Thomas stickers that the original plan included here, but Tate hasn't been too interested in adding them, so I guess we'll see if that ever happens!

The stripe wall! We have Mario and Thomas stickers that the original plan included here, but Tate hasn’t been too interested in adding them, so I guess we’ll see if that ever happens!

And the view from the reading nook. Again no befores from this angle and we need some art (not to mention to get rid of that awful gold light fixture that I'm pretty sure doesn't even work!)!

And the view from the reading nook. Again no befores from this angle and we need some art (not to mention to get rid of that awful gold light fixture that I’m pretty sure doesn’t even work!)!

I’m pretty proud of it, and more importantly so is Tate! :) And even though we have a wee bit more to do until it’s completely finished (in addition to the decor items I mentioned above we need to paint the trim still in here), I think it’s pretty awesome how much work we’ve gotten accomplished!

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and once again excuse the poor quality, bad lighting iPhone pics… I found my good camera but its batteries are dead AND it needs a new memory stick! One of these days! :)