Thee Monster Shut-Down To-Do List

Yep, it’s a monster. Kinda. It’s not awful, but I do have to keep the hubby busy!

Which, before I dig on in, I realized I’ve been talking about shut down without really explaining what’s up. For anyone with any sort of factory experience, it probably makes sense, but for those of you in the dark, here’s the scoop- a good number of factories, around the Fourth of July, will shut down completely for around a week, give or take. It’s primarily a cost-saving thing, since sales are typically down some. Both factories Corey has worked at have done this, and I know many others do, too. They also typically shut down for a week or so during Christmas. Anyway though, this year summer shut down at Corey’s factory is two weeks long instead of just the normal one and begins this weekend. Check back with me after two weeks of hubs driving me nuts, but right now I’m really excited. I’m imagining a lot of quality family time, relaxation, and of course checking many items off of “Thee Monster Shut-Down To-Do List!” :)

Which, is ready for its big reveal…

Thee Monster Shut-Down To-Do List
*Note: Items are in no particular order. Fun items are also included. Expect all fun to be completed. Do not expect all work to be completed. I am telling myself this as much as all of you! :)
-Build and paint master bedroom nightstands.
-Build and stain master bedroom bench.
-Paint the trim in our room and Tate’s room and fix and paint the trim in the baby’s room.
-Install crown molding in our room.
-Replace faceplates throughout the upstairs.
-Finish reupholstering the chair for the baby.
-Patch the holes in the baby’s bedroom walls and finish removing the border.
-Paint the walls in the baby’s room.
-Put the baby’s room together and decorate.
-Put the baby’s car seat and stroller together.
-Clean up the vibrating baby chair we have from when Tate was a baby and put it together.
-Clean out downstairs front bedroom.
-Set up the guest/nap/craft room in the downstairs front bedroom.
-Put the pool up.
-Weed the landscaping and trim the bushes.
-Clean out both garages.
-Start to prepare for our garage sale.
-Go on vacation.
-Go swimming.
-Have a bonfire.
-Go to the zoo.
-Sleep in at least a few days.
-Relax and make memories with our boy!

And there you have it. It’s not so bad, is it?

No promises for the next two weeks on how often I will post. I do plan on revealing Tate’s big boy bedroom the beginning of next week (Corey put Tate’s curtains up yesterday… Do I have an awesome hubby or what?!) and I do want to share the nitty gritty on our vacation to Louisville once we return, but I’m not planning on worrying about a specific timeline or any of that. Once we get back in the swing of things, I do promise to share what our little monster of a to-do list looks like in the after stages and any of the fun adventures we had in the process! :) Plus, if I’m lucky I will have a couple of big reveals for y’all! Yay!

But on that note, ladies and gentlemen, I’m out. Enjoy your weekend! :)


Our Forever Home: Top Ten Projects

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for the weekend! :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts on what I love and what I hate about our forever home. Today it’s about the projects we’ve done in the past not-quite two months we’ve lived here. We’ve gotten a ton accomplished when you really look at it, even though it’s a little too easy for me to focus on all that’s left instead. So let’s take a look at what I consider our best work (and this post is mostly in the order the items have been completed, FYI):

1) Organizing

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a traditional “project,” but I’ve worked my tail off getting this place mostly organized and I decided it counts. From sorting and labeling boxes as we moved to going to dollar general and buying an array of containers to organize our clothes in the master closet, we’ve done an awesome job of gaining order, and that’s no small task. Especially for Corey and I, who don’t typically do the greatest at organization. Kudos to us! :)

2) Garage Sale Piles

Yep, I’m cheating again with a non-traditional project, but it’s another one that’s been huge for not just me, but our household operation, too. For anyone who knows me, I keep everything. It truly is a problem. I’m always worried if I get rid of something I’ll regret it or need it in the future. I think I may have survived the Great Depression in a past life- lol! :) But anyway, our garage sale piles are growing like weeds! I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy/nesting thing or what, but I’ve been a lot less sentimental about the clothes I wore in high school and things that sat in boxes in our basement the whole time we lived at the old house! See look at just my clothes pile:

A small portion of the garage sale pile!

A small portion of the garage sale pile!

3) Days Off

Last cheating one, I promise. Seriously. But in all reality, our time away from the house and all the projects have been huge morale boosters! It keeps us motivated to have little fun things to look forward, like ball games and bonfires. And I think it’s awesome that we planned our vacation for the middle of Corey’s work shut down- definitely a happy little break in the midst of work, work, work! :)

Love this pic of Tate and I at the Tincaps game! He makes my heart smile! :)

Love this pic of Tate and I at the Tincaps game! He makes my heart smile! :)

4) Borders Be Gone

Nothing made me happier when we first moved in than getting the old ivy border out of our kitchen. I loved seeing the trash mess in our bedroom and the baby’s room when Corey took down the borders. And I will never purposely put borders in this house again! :)

Before and after- kitchen border edition.

Before and after- kitchen border edition.

5) The Kitchen Update

There’s still work to be done before we have a true before and after, but updating the knobs, changing the paint, and adding some decor has already made it feel much more like home and has helped me start to love our kitchen. You can read some posts about our kitchen update, and see pictures here, here, here, and here. But here’s a couple after shots just in case you don’t want to click all those links and take a trip down memory lane:

Still not perfect, but WAY better than the ivy bordered, brass handled thing we moved into!

Still not perfect, but WAY better than the ivy bordered, brass handled thing we moved into!

And another view. Again, still a work in progress, but it's growing on me!

And another view. Again, still a work in progress, but it’s growing on me!

6) Kitchen Command Center and Organized Desk Area

Some of the links above talk about our kitchen command center which is literally so close to being done that it is incredibly sad and ridiculous how long it has stalled in its current state. But, even unfinished, I truly love it. It has helped so much in keeping the kitchen organized as well as my paperwork. It makes me so happy! Of course, it also helps that I created a really great organization system for our kitchen desk area that really works well for me. This post talks about that, and it might be the biggest and most helpful project in terms of long-term and impacting my day to day life.

The not-quite finished command center.

The not-quite finished command center.

7) Hardwood Floor Redo

This project was by far the biggest in terms of a task to undertake. We had our share of hiccups and I wasn’t sure how I felt about our refinished floors at first, but I love them now and am so glad we completed this project! Here’s the links to that adventure- part one, part two, part three/the big reveal, and the budget breakdown.

8) Master Bedroom Renovation

While we might still be “in progress” on this one too, the changes in this room are very dramatic and make me happy! I love the navy paint we chose, our new king sized bed, and the bedding I’ve gotten so far. It’s my little happy place in our house that helps me see we are moving forward slowly but surely. AND I’m pretty sure the hubs is putting our headboard up as I type! :) Yay!

You may be tired of seeing this image, but I'm not... Even if I really do need to find my better camera ASAP! :)

You may be tired of seeing this image, but I’m not… Even if I really do need to find my better camera ASAP! :)

9) Tate’s Bedroom

You may see a pattern here with almost finished rooms. Literally I just need to put his curtains up and this room can be crossed off completely. Sad, I know. Here’s a new promise for you- getting the curtains up will be the first official job of shut down week and I will share the big reveal of his room before our vacation. PROMISE.

10) Getting ready for baby bee.

Before you think I’m cheating again this one is legit! We’ve bought stuff at garage sales, yes, and things that aren’t “projects” per se, but we’ve also made progress on her room…kinda. We took down shelves that were mega secured to the wall (to the point that there is now a giant gaping hole in one part of the plaster-oops!), taken down most of the border that was in her room, and refinished her floors. A lot of this falls under above items except for… Her chair! :) It may only be half finished, but we are on our way to saying adios to green old material and hello to hot pink! :)

My partially finished project! :)

My partially finished project! :)

So we are getting there. We do have forward progress, even if it is slow! And I’m so excited for what’s to come… Which you will see on the big ol’ to-do list I’m gonna share tomorrow! Yay! :)

Our Forever Home: Top Ten Hates

Yesterday’s post was all butterflies and rainbows as I wrote about my top ten loves in our forever home. It really was great to vocalize all the things I appreciate about our home, both expected and unexpected.

BUT what fun would life be if it were happy all the time?! :) Everyone needs a little Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy action, right?!

Well, never fear! Today I get to share all of the things that drive me batty about our forever home. And, well, let’s just jump on in!

1) Water softener issues.

I grew up living in the country. I’m used to hard water turning my blonde hair a lovely orange-red, my white t-shirts fading to a nasty yellow, and having to scrub rust stains off of tub drains. However, I’m also used to a working water softener that, while still annoying, at least combats these issues.

Our upstairs bathtub after one of Tatum's baths. The water was so yellow I would have thought he peed in it if I didn't know better. Disgusting.

Our upstairs bathtub after one of Tatum’s baths. The water was so yellow I would have thought he peed in it if I didn’t know better. Disgusting.

We do have a water softener, it just doesn’t work regularly. Corey has to press the reset button on it every so often and it’ll work for a few days and then die again. And even sometimes when it’s working it doesn’t work as well as I think it should. Obviously we should just call someone to check it out, but we’re pretty sure we just need to replace it since it is pretty old, and we really just don’t want to spend that money right now. So that means we just ignore the issue and our white clothes don’t get washed very often! :) P.S. Don’t comment on my red hair either! :)

2) Having a big backyard.

Yep, one of my loves is also a hate. Why? You have to mow all that yard! Ick. Plus we have a couple of mostly dead trees we really should take care of and I won’t even mention all the weeding I haven’t done. I know, count my blessings and we signed up for it and all that, but it still stinks sometimes!

3) Our power company

Our area, if you live in the country, has two different power companies. You don’t get to choose which one you get, unfortunately. We got stuck with the crappy one. Since moving in our power has gone out at least three times that I can think of off the top of my head. And it’s not like we’ve had bad storms or anything. Plus, the company we have has higher rates than the other one. Granted we knew this all when we moved in, but it still is something I’m not a fan of!

4) Bad cell phone service.

As in dropped calls almost every single time bad. It gets really frustrating! We’ve never had a landline, and I don’t really want to shell out the money for one since we really don’t make many phone calls, but it is really inconvenient. If we go on the back porch the reception is great, but inside the house is D-E-A-D. Sometimes we get lucky and can go on the front porch to make a call, but it’s about a 50-50 chance it won’t work too. Bummer. I don’t think I’ll enjoy this one at all come winter!

5) The awful carpet and paint choices made by the previous owners.

A close up of just three of the gems we were blessed with!

A close up of just three of the gems we were blessed with!

The carpet… Ugh. I knew I’d hate it when we moved in, but truly it’s awful. Corey and I agreed to wait to replace it until we can do hardwood floors throughout the whole downstairs, but we have other projects that have to be done first. In fact, it might end up being a couple of years of waiting. Bleck. Maybe if we wait long enough the style of the ’90s will come back and I’ll love it?! Please, no!

Luckily paint is easily changed, though let me tell you I am so sick of painting! Plus, apart from the areas that were sponge painted, the previous owners had really crappy painting techniques. And I think they painted over wallpaper in some of the rooms. Fun stuff, I tell you! I definitely can’t wait for the day we get to pack up the roller and brushes and not get them back out for the next painting project a week later!

6) While I’m talking about bad choices of the previous owners, have you seen some of our light fixtures!? Yep, that’s my sixth hate- the light fixtures.

There might be two I don’t hate. I completely made that number up, so it could be more. It also could be less. In fact, I’ll find out in a bit… I’m going to take a field trip around our house and take some snapshots so I can make a collage of my lighting inheritances! :)

Give me a couple minutes…

Some of the downstairs lights- I even saved you from having to see some of the beauties! :)

Some of the downstairs lights- I even saved you from having to see some of the beauties! :)

And just some of the lovely fixtures upstairs... Again I spared you from viewing some!

And just some of the lovely fixtures upstairs… Again I spared you from viewing some!

So there might be more than two that are okay, but I don’t think any of them are ones I would pick by choice.

7) Mismatched doors, trims, and vents.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it drives me crazy that we have some gorgeous, original, two paneled hardwood doors right next to cheap, crappy, hollow unstained doors. It drives me crazy we that we have beautiful, original, hardwood trim next to popular in the ’90s oak stuff. It drives me crazy that literally in the same room we have detailed old antique vents beside plain old normal ones. So frustrating! Granted in some ways it adds character, but there is a lot of it I want to change and bring back to the original glory.

8) No coat closets.

Right now this isn’t a huge issue since I don’t even know where all of our coats are, but come winter… Eh. Apparently the previous owners didn’t have coats. Or just stored them in their bedrooms or something. I’m hoping to make our laundry room more of a mud/laundry room combo so I can have a place to put our coats and winter gear, but I’m not sure if that’ll make the to-do list by winter. I guess we will see what happens!

9) Lack of electrical outlets.

Oh, the joys of owning a old house. I think we have two outlets in the living room. Not exactly set up for modern TV, DVD, yada, yada, yada. Luckily the kitchen was updated so we have plenty of outlets there. And really, it’s not a mega deal or anything… Just occasionally frustrating! :)

10) Tiny, awkwardly laid out bathrooms.

The downstairs one we have plans to change, so I don’t have to feel like I’m hugging the shower while using the toilet for long, but the upstairs layout is pretty much stuck as-is. It’s not awful, but the tub is smaller than normal and the ceiling is really low, even for a family of short people. But we do have two bathrooms and for that I am thankful!

And really, even with my “hates” I love our forever home. Sure there are things we will change or that I will whine about, but we are so blessed! And I like having a good reason to change things anyway! :)

Speaking of changing things, tomorrow I’m posting about the top ten projects we’ve accomplished so far! I think it’ll be good to see a little progress report so we don’t get too overwhelmed by all that still remains on our to-do lists! :)

Our Forever Home: Top Ten Loves

To get anyone up to speed who missed yesterday’s post, we are a little slow on projects this week as we gear up for Corey’s work shut down at the start of July, so I decided to do some reminiscing and reflecting on the past almost two months that we’ve worked on making our new house our home.

Today I’m taking a look at the top ten things I’ve found that I love about our forever home. Some are things I loved on day one, others are things that have grown on me as we’ve lived here. Funny how that works, eh? They also are in no particular order- just the order my little brain thought of them! :)

But let’s get to it:

1) Having our laundry room on the main floor and having a clothes line!

This room is a hot mess right now, but I figured honesty was the best policy with y'all. We will get to it soon! :)

This room is a hot mess right now, but I figured honesty was the best policy with y’all. We will get to it soon! :)

In our first home, the laundry room was in our basement. Our unfinished, damp, dirty basement. While it was nice to have a laundry room and not have to go to the laundromat, it wasn’t ideal for getting laundry done while babysitting. Even adding a laundry shoot didn’t make it much easier for me to be motivated to get my rear in gear to head down to the dungeon to do a load or two.

I really underestimated how awesome it would be to have a laundry room on the main living floor. It’s so much easier to keep up on it! I also love having a clothes line- yay for saving money and getting some fresh air! Plus, it is really convenient to have a place to put the line dry clothes that’s not inside. I know when colder weather comes we will go back to clothes inside, but I am definitely enjoying the clothes line while I can! :)

Originally we had planned to move our laundry room upstairs in our closet area and make the current laundry room just a mud room. While that may happen down the line in the future, we are now leaning more towards putting stackables in our current laundry room and rearranging the space slightly so we can add some built ins and make it a little more storage conducive and practical. And that, folks, is why you live somewhere before you go in and make big changes! :)

2) Having a big backyard and being in the country!

Bonfires- one of my favorite things about country living! :)

Bonfires- one of my favorite things about country living! :)

It’s so nice to have tons of room for Tate and the boys to play, space to have bonfires with friends, and just enjoy the quiet fresh air! Even though we do have neighbors, they aren’t right there like they were in town. Plus, they are much friendlier! I’ve also noticed there is more pride of ownership in the country- so many of our neighbors in town just rented and weren’t really that invested in making their houses and community better. Really when it’s all boiled down, I’m just definitely a country girl!

3) We have SO much room!

We over doubled our square footage in this move, and I knew it would be big, but I had no idea how awesome it would be! I LOVE that we have space for a separate toy room instead of toys scattered around our living room. I LOVE that we currently even have a junk room, so that instead of all the boxes we haven’t gotten to yet getting thrown in the basement, or even worse all over the house, they have a home on the main floor, but behind closed doors for now. It’s just awesome to not be crowded with all of our junk and for things to actually have a place to go, even if we do have a ways to go before we are fully unpacked and settled in!

4) Our kitchen- including the little desk area.

Still not perfect, but WAY better than the ivy bordered, brass handled thing we moved into!

Still not perfect, but WAY better than the ivy bordered, brass handled thing we moved into!

And another view. Again, still a work in progress, but it's growing on me!

And another view. Again, still a work in progress, but it’s growing on me!

This was a big surprise for me. I loved my old kitchen immensely. It was my favorite room in the old house. It was much bigger than our current kitchen, with way more counter space and decor that I had picked out myself. While I still don’t love the cabinets or flooring or outdated light, I do love the kitchen. Having less counter space has worked out to be not that bad… Maybe a little inconvenient at times, but it also motivates me to stay caught up on dishes! :) It is also very obvious the cabinets were custom made for this kitchen. At our old house, the cabinets were ones my grandpa got for cheap by tearing them out of their original house. While they were beautiful cabinets custom made from solid wood for that house, they were just that- made for another house. It’s been wonderful to have cabinets perfectly made for our house- with a pantry, pull out drawers in the cupboards, and all those little details that just make sense where they were put.

I also have grown to love the little desk area. At first I looked at it as wasted potential counter space. Who needs a desk when you could have more work space? And while I do think I would prefer a counter-height desk area over the lower desk area we have so I would at least have the option of more work space for entertaining and such, I’ve found it’s nice to have an area for mail and paperwork and recipes and all that stuff that piles up on counters typically, too. Between the desk area and the command center I created (that has been at the almost finished stage since like the second week we lived here-oops!), I’ve managed to keep my counters clear of junk and have even managed to have a more organized file system in the process. Who knew!? :)

5) Having closets- especially our HUGE one upstairs!

This kind of goes with number three and more space, but since we came from a house with no closets but the one we built shortly before we moved by taking space from our bathroom, it’s kind of a big deal. We went from a “master closet” that was just some shelving units we installed on one wall of our bedroom to a true “master closet” with plenty of room for Corey and my clothes hoarding problem! :) Woot woot!

6) Having a furnace and central air!

Especially the central air. I don’t think I could survive being pregnant in 90 plus degree weather in our old house with just the window AC unit. I’m hot all the time and I even have the luxury of setting the temperature ridiculously low here. It is awesome. Plain and simple.

7) Character

This is something we loved about this house the second we laid eyes on it, and we’ve been incredibly blessed to find even more under pink, blue, and tan carpet. It started with the beautiful old wood trim and doors and the creaky stairs, and now we have the hardwood floors too. Plus, there is nothing cookie cutter about this house and that was really important to us. Love, love, love.

8) Our screened in porch and swing.

The pretty porch swing on a gorgeous spring day!

The pretty porch swing on a gorgeous spring day!

I knew we would enjoy this, but again, I underestimated how much. It’s so relaxing to sit together as a family and enjoy the nice breeze. My only wish would be that we were a little further off from the road, but usually traffic isn’t too bad anyway.

9) There is so much potential!

Of course, we wouldn’t have bought the place without it, but everyday I’m amazed at how much we’ve been able to do and then the huge amount of things still left on our to-do lists! I’m so very excited to see just what our forever home becomes! :)

10) That it’s something to be proud of.

I love our home!

I love our home!

Don’t get me wrong, we were proud of our first little house, but it was one that more picked us than us picking it. Plus, I think it’s pretty sweet that at twenty-five and twenty-three we have a house that we refer to as our forever home. I’m not saying that to brag- the Lord knows none of this would be possible without His HUGE blessings! I thank God everyday for this immense responsibility and pray that we will be good stewards of it. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking pride in our home as long as we remember that it truly isn’t ours, but a blessing God gave us for a time.

So there you have it- my top ten loves after calling this place home for not quite two months. It’s already been a ton of fun and I might sound like a broken record, but I know both Corey and I feel blessed beyond belief. Don’t worry though- tomorrow I get to be a negative Nancy and post my top ten hates! :) Stay tuned!

And P.S. I was too lazy to link up my various posts of projects I mentioned on here… Yep, I’m a bad blogger. Feel free to explore my blog though and see the adventures we’ve had so far and maybe later I will come back and add proper links! :)

Top Tens

Since this week will most likely be a little slow on the DIY/project side of things, and we are slowly creeping up on the two month mark of owning our forever home, I decided it might be fun to do a little reviewing and reminiscing instead of trying to come up with other stuff to blog about or not blogging at all. Okay? Well, you don’t really have a choice, but I’m gonna assume it’s all good! :)

I plan to take a look at what I have found that I love about our place, as well as what I hate. I’ll also write about what all has changed during our time here. You know, some nice little deep thinking activities for me so my mind doesn’t fry in this heat along with my body! :)

And actually I think it’s going to be pretty good…

I took a few minutes this afternoon to come up with the love and hate lists, but I plan on waiting to share until tomorrow- just to be sure! :) There are ten items on each list… Right now in no particular order, but we will see if that changes. It was harder than I thought it would be to fill out both lists… The first few rolled right out and then I actually had to think about it! :)

But here’s the plan for all my fellow plan-lovers:

Tomorrow will be the love list, Thursday the hate list, Friday our “progress update” (maybe in the form of “our top ten projects so far”?!- we shall see!), and Saturday I will share my big ol’ honey-do list for Corey during shut down, which doesn’t really relate to the top-tens (it has WAY more than ten items!) or reminiscing (it’s all about progress, baby!), but boy-oh-boy I am EXCITED for! :)

So yep, y’all get a boring post today, but I promise tomorrow’s will be loaded with fun, pictures, and lots-o-love! :)

And just for fun, I’m gonna share a few shots of me and Tate’s cuddle session this morning… He wanted to make silly faces together, and how could I refuse?! (And yes, he was also operating the camera, except for the last picture when he was rubbing my belly to give his sister some loving- that was all me because it was WAY too cute and sweet to not capture!)



I think I need a weekend from my weekend/Monday. I may or may not have just woken up from a little cat nap on the couch while my son confiscated the iPad to watch Barney. Motherhood at its finest. But in all reality I’m completely exhausted. And the saddest part is that, in terms of productivity, this weekend was, well, not too hot.

Of course, still eventful. Saturday Corey was recovering from his wisdom teeth extraction, but we still ran into Walmart to get some odds and ends in the morning (including curtain rods for Mr. Tatum’s bedroom… Let’s see how long it takes me to get the curtains up!). Then of course our beautiful bed came and I LOVED putting that together knowing my grown-up bed and room was finally a reality:

I shared this photo earlier, but had to share again. The room may not be finished, but I am completely in love!

I shared this photo earlier, but had to share again. The room may not be finished, but I am completely in love!

In the evening we went to the local Jubilee parade and actually had a really good time despite a few rain showers:

I absolutely love this little man to pieces! :)

I absolutely love this little man to pieces! :)

Afterwards Tate got to explore the Jubilee festivities more with my family while Corey and I got some chill-out time home alone. We are such old people- we literally laid on the couch (me) and floor (him) and played on Facebook until we got bored and then watched an episode of Numbers on Hulu. I always forget how much I like that show.

And then we got to enjoy a wonderful, amazing, relaxing, comfy, cozy sleep in our new bed! :) Bliss, I tell ya!

Sunday was church, a quick lunch at McDonald’s and then viewing time for Corey’s great-grandma. Afterwards we opted for a lazy afternoon/evening and watched Redbox movies while eating $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza. Good night, I tell ya. We even got a little family time on the screened in porch in:

A little selfie I found of my boys that they took on the porch swing while I was inside showering. Too cute! :)

A little selfie I found of my boys that they took on the porch swing while I was inside showering. Too cute! :)

For some reason even with all that chill time and good sleep in our new bed, I was still exhausted this morning. And then we had Corey’s great grandma’s service today, too. It’s funny how a day different from “routine” can be so tiring!

His great-grandma, Elaine, had a beautiful service though and I found myself wishing I had taken more of an opportunity to get to know her- she seemed like quite the lady! She had spent many years in the nursing home and had been in a lot of pain though, especially at the end, so it was time for her to go home to Jesus- and see her husband again!

An old photo of Corey's great-grandparents. I chose to share this one because I find it crazy how much Corey looks like his great-grandpa!

An old photo of Corey’s great-grandparents. I chose to share this one because I find it crazy how much Corey looks like his great-grandpa!

When we came home we all kinda just crashed and poor Corey had to get ready for work. Tate and I on the other hand plan on going to bed here soon… Like I said, we’re exhausted!

So obviously it wasn’t a big home-project, DIY weekend, but still good. And Corey’s work shut down is coming up soon and I will get two full weeks (minus our little family vacation to Louisville, Kentucky that I’m actually incredibly excited for!) of productivity from him, so a lazy weekend here and there can be allowed… As long as they all don’t make me this tired!

But on that note, goodnight y’all! :)

The Big Comfy Bed

It’s here!!!! In fact, I am typing this from the iPad as I try to stay awake while being enveloped in soft sheets and cozy blankets. Absolutely heavenly.

So without further ado, here you are:


I am completely in love and it’s not even finished! :)

Here’s another angle:


The bed takes up a good portion of the room, which we are completely fine with. But that means it is difficult to get a good shot of the room, too. Still, I think you can see how lovely it is.

Eventually I will do a full room reveal once we’ve finished everything. I’ll include a source list, cost breakdown, and all of that. And in reality we really are pretty close to being done. Here’s what’s still on the to-do list:

1) crown molding
2) build and paint nightstands from stools (as seen here)
3) stain and install headboard
4) build and stain end of bed bench (plans found here)
5) install blinds and curtains
6) decor

You also probably noticed there was no green accents- the pillows I ordered from Etsy haven’t arrived yet. They will be added though once they arrive. And hopefully I will love them as much as I’ve loved everything else!

But for now I’m going to sink further into this pillowed wonderfulness and fully enjoy this amazing, comfy grown up bed! Sweet dreams y’all! :)

Flukes & Flaws

First off, I have to shout it out one more time- our grown up bed is coming tomorrow! Seriously. Can’t. Wait.

Sorry… I know I’ve probably over worn my excitement. I shall stop.

I realized last night I have a problem. Two of my nearest and dearest friends came over yesterday evening from out of town. I’ve been friends with them since junior high and there is literally nothing I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with them… Including every single flaw I see in my house. Does anyone else do that!? It’s ridiculous and I know it, but as we are going through the grand tour, instead of pointing out the beautiful trim, the hardwood floors, or all of the many things that made us fall in love with the house, I focus on the bad, or at least not so pretty parts…

Like the green carpet cheeser is happily eating lunch on...

Like the green carpet cheeser is happily eating lunch on…

The bright blue toilet with the squishy seat and stubborn hard water stains...

The bright blue toilet with the squishy seat and stubborn hard water stains…

And the pink carpet, cracked plaster, and awkward shape of our toy room, just to name a few.

And the pink carpet, cracked plaster, and awkward shape of our toy room, just to name a few.

And darn it all, notice I did the exact same thing here!? I show the pictures of the bad, not the good. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!?!

I truly do love this house, flaws and all. In fact, the flaws are part of why I love it- Corey and I can change them and make this place ours because of them.

Which, speaking of, I realized that I never really posted the story of how Corey and I ended up leaving our little, loved first house for our forever home… And it’s actually a kind of funny story…

I don’t know if anyone else is crazy like me, but I love looking at house listings online. Maybe it’s just my inner creep, but it’s so fun to see what’s out there, how much they’re asking for it, and imagine what I could do with each listing. That’s exactly how we first stumbled upon our forever home. It was a complete fluke. With absolutely no intention to leave our first house for at least a few more years, I was happily scanning the real estate listings online when a gray two story house caught my eye.

It had recently been reduced in price, which was why I noticed it instead of overlooking it as I had done before (it had been on the market for almost a year!) and I remember thinking that it looked so quaint and homey. Here’s the picture that drew me in:

Love it!

Love it!

And when I saw the details, I was full blown ready to pack my bags. Just minutes outside of town with not quite three acres and multiple outbuildings, five bedrooms, two bathrooms and oh, the potential! All the beautiful woodwork in the living room that managed to shine despite the green carpet, the creaky staircase and floors upstairs, the good bones that just needed a little facelift. Yes, please!

So I showed Corey, expecting him to curb my enthusiasm. Ha. Nope! He called the listing agent and scheduled a showing!

In all honesty, we told her up front that we truly didn’t think we were in the market to buy a house, but that it had caught our attention and we just wanted to check it out. Of course she obliged and the next day there we were, being let inside the place.

And falling more in love.

I remember actually being disappointed when we left because it was literally perfect, but we didn’t think we could make it a reality. We were planning on just letting it go, albeit sadly, hoping that when we were ready something similar would be out there.

Well, apparently God had other plans.

One of the moms of the little boys I watch is a loan officer at our bank and somehow I started talking to her about it. Next thing I knew we had an appointment with her to see if we could get approved. Craziness I tell you!

Even crazier was that it seemed like it could actually happen. We decided to make an offer contingent on selling our first house. (We did check out a couple of other houses as we didn’t want to make any rash decisions, but we were hooked!) Our offer was accepted. It had officially became a waiting game.

A long waiting game. We had a few showings, but not a ton of interest in our first house. It was too small for what most people wanted. And we were okay with that. We loved that little place (putting it on the market was probably the hardest part of the whole process!). In all honesty, I think both Corey and I just assumed we wouldn’t be moving.

And then we got the offer. And all of a sudden it was happening. Eek!

For those of you who have read my blog from the beginning, you know there were plenty of crazy snags along the way, but almost three months after we accepted the offer on our house, we officially closed and moved into our forever home. All because of some casual browsing of the Internet real estate listings. Truly, how crazy is that!?

Now here we are, loving it and slowly but surely making it ours. Slowly but surely getting rid of the little flaws that I draw attention to. Slowly but surely making the crazy fluke home! :)

Happy weekend y’all!

And P.S., please keep Corey and his family in your prayers- his great grandma passed away yesterday, so there is the sadness of that despite the fact she lived a long and full life, AND he got his wisdom teeth out this morning, so he is in physical pain too. Thank you! :)

And the Countdown Begins

At some point between all this refinishing floors, painting, and chaos, it finally hit me- Corey and I, for the first time in our nearly three years of married life, will have a real grown up bed SOON! Not a hand-me-down from our childhoods. Not two twin mattresses shoved together. A bona-fide real bed! Can I just say I am real freakin’ excited!?

The past probably week I’ve been sleeping downstairs on our couch. I’ve had killer heartburn at night, and it’s the only place I can prop myself up enough to get a good night sleep. Our couch is mega comfy, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t care if I drown in a sea of stomach acid (lovely image, eh?)- I’m going to cuddle into our big ol’ king sized beauty the second it gets here and I have the sheets on it. Yay!

AND it’s even better because I will have a real grown up bedroom, too. I know, I know, I’ve posted about all this before, but I think with all the projects starting to wrap up it’s actually becoming real to me. I can see those pretty hardwood floors and navy blue walls and realize it is almost a reality. Not necessarily finished, mind you! ;)

Which speaking of… If I wait until our bedroom is completely finished y’all will probably forget about it by then, so my plan is to post a mini-reveal once the bed is here and made Saturday. The headboard, bench, and nightstands likely won’t be in place and I’m guessing the rug won be finished yet, but it’ll at least give y’all a progress report. We also decided we are going to add crown molding in our room, so that’s on the new and impoved to-do list as well. But I’ll get more into what has changed and what still needs done when I post the mini-reveal.

And Tate’s room… The furniture is all in place and I just need to stop being lazy and decorate. Cause I AM making y’all wait until his room is completely done. I know I’ve been saying this forever, but it’s so close I can taste it! And it’s going to be absolutely awesome too! :) Well worth the wait, I tell ya!

So sorry for a boring post with no pictures. I hate blogs like that. But darn it all I’m excited and sometimes that just has to be enough! Three more days!!! :)